RuneScape 3 – First Look: Then & Now!

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RuneScape 3 is here! A new age dawns today, kicking off with the Battle of Lumbridge. Along with the hugely customisable New Interface System, the chance for fame in Seasonal Hiscores, over 6 hours of new live performed music and a range of technical improvements to enhance the player experiance as if it was an entirely new game!

Learn More about Runescape at the MMOHuts Game Profile here and feel free to help submit changes via the feedback button so we can give the profile the same overhaul the game has!

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Bruce Wayne says:

DO NOT play this game! Its dead! Runescape is dead its over they ruined it.
Dont play it

MrJonasTheJay says:

Why does this looks so much better than on my PC? I have every setting on
max? Can someone help? :)

Sproux says:

Yeah, don’t bring up the micro transactions at all.

Jordan Brown says:

Jagex went in the wrong direction with RuneScape. The thing that made it so
good compared to other MMO’s was its intended lower graphics and easy
gameplay. It was amazing back in the day but then they changed so much and
now it’s hardly even the same game anymore. RIP vanilla RuneScape.

Enes Ozturk says:

Imlike this game, but…


Brothers of the Storm (f-f) says:

Runescape 🙂
So many memories like 5-6 years ago best MMO game ton of players every day
every hour it was a paradise too bad they destroyed MMOs too :(

UnlistedEDM says:

Runescape sucks now… Pre-EoC was runescape. This is WoW

ArcanianMageborn says:

If you are not subscribed you can’t run game in fullscreen mode?! What kind
of shit is that?! And I thought not being able to use forums on Wizard101
if not subscribed was bad.

Dragan Rupcic says:

Stupid and bad copy of World of Warcraft :3

Paul Sack says:

If WOW and RS were the same price to play, RS would be out of business 

oblivon42 says:

So I know HTML 5 is a markup language. but did someone make a brand called
html 5, but is really a video converter or what? I’m just curious if I need
to download something else or not. Cause the only HTML 5 I know is a markup
language you learn and write with on the internet

XiiCubed says:

runescape is for people too poor to get a gaming pc

nick zimmerman says:

people are always asking “why is this game so popular?” being someone who
plays a lot of mmo’s i can deffinately say it’s because runescape
completely leads the pack when it comes to freedom in an mmo. people are
comparing it to WoW but come on, lets be fair, the two are COMPLETELY
different. and for everyone talking about WoW, when you look at other MMO’s
the are more closely related to WoW, WoW falls way behind other games like
GW2, Tera, fuck it, even FlyFF is better. people keep comparing RS to games
like these, but really, you cant. Runescape is a whole different kind of
MMO. it’s like comparing realism art to abstract art. and then the whole
“RS is just for people who cant afford real gamming computers” is stupid.
my computer was costum built for the absolute sole purpose of ONLY being an
MMO computer… and i still play runescape on it, just like i play Tera,
GW2, Blade and Soul, and a couple others that i dont really play all that
much anymore. and really as far as the updates go, for someone who hasnt
played it in years, yeah i could see how the changes would be to much. but
really its not that bad for someone who comes back to it every once and

ITCrowdRS says:

A lot of the older players have left this game after the Evolution of
Combat, and the EoC and new interfaces haven’t brought in the new players
the community was hoping for. Basically what you’re left with is a
community of Mid-High level players, which isn’t exactly enticing for a
beginning player.
Also, while this game is free to play, the actual f2p worlds are complete
cancer. People begging for 10k, autotypers advertising gold selling
websites and like 100 people every world just doing bonfires and spamming
in the chat.
PvP in this game is pretty much dead – the Legacy Mode for old combat
styles and interfaces hasn’t brought back the older players who quit, nor
has it really revived Pking as people hoped it would.
The only two kinds of people who seem to PvM these days are maxed, high
level players who know exactly what they’re doing, and level 80s with a BGS
and bunyip who just spam abilities hoping for a good drop.
It’s almost impossible to tell what people are wearing, now that Jagex have
started selling cosmetic overrides outfits in the Solomon’s store.

RS is essentially a mix of flashy new content aimed at new players, and old
dead content and areas that haven’t been updated since like 2005.
Despite all these things, it manages to hold on to a fairly decent player
base and can be fun if you’e P2P, in a clan with similar level players, and
if you know roughly what you’re doing. But if you’re hoping for an epic,
exciting and immersing experience, RS is definitely not the game for you.
The only reason people play these days is because they started a few years
ago and figured they may as well stick around for the few good updates
Jagex puts out.
Overall, I would probably suggest not to start playing this game. It’s hard
to start off, even now that jagex has added in free gp around every corner,
and even once you make a few mil, and gain a few hundred total levels, it’s
a several thousand hour journey to max your account out to level 99 in all

AG Moyer says:

One reason why I always go back to this game was the Crafting System. Love
it and the Graphic Changes are awesome compared to a decade ago.

TheonlyGizzy says:

Old music was better

Dylan Crouser says:

You see a lot of people saying Oldschool Runescape is better. I guarantee
90% of those people grew up playing old school and it just gives them heavy
nostalgia. I played Oldschool runescape back when I was six years old. It
was amazing, and anyone will agree with me. It seems like people say RS3
isn’t as good as old school because the nostalgia is practically gone, and
they don’t want that nostalgia to go away. Trust me, I love old school
Runescape with all my heart just as the next person, but RS3 is freaking
great. I love playing it. If someone now a days plays RS for the first
time, and then goes to play Old school, they’ll probably hate it, because
they don’t have that nostalgia for that beautiful old game, and RS3 has a
lot more too it than old school.What I’m trying to say is that you
shouldn’t hate Runescape 3 because its not old school Runescape. Try and
form an opinion that’s not incredibly biased.

Jemar Johnson says:

These graphics are so bad my ipod would be able to play this game…. 

Skix loopyloop says:

you forgot to mention that a 30 day subscription only costs 5 bucks.

Mike Kinney says:

0:34 did it really say MILLIONS of players online? More like 60k at peak
hours with 70% being bots. Don’t play this go play something else even if
it’s checkers, just not this.

Leo Grey says:

lol i like the old music and pretty much everything about old runescape

Luis Zarate says:

Aww I wanted to log in but you gotta download it now.
Good memories from this few years back, reached 138 and had like a 250M
bank..Bandos, Armadyl and 3 chaotics…

Oh well.

MagicBeyond says:

Can someone tell me why this game is so special? I never played it and it
seems just a very old game.

Leon Armanasco says:

The old RS is much better!

Xellsas Fernandes says:

RS died a long time ago RIP

BrokenGears100 says:

All time favourite MMO with the best, well almost everything.

But the game’s just an awful WoW now since all the changes. R.I.P.
Runescape 2 :/

Christian Elvinia says:

Game is not dead and is still awesome go and play it

Kristian John Q. Baturiano says:

I used to be addicted to this game. Really addicted when I was a kid. Level
69 if I’m right, a 2008 account. What I hated about it and made me leave it
is the F2P players only get to explore about 1/6 if not 1/10 of the total
content of the game. Most of the game features, quests, skills, even the
map and items are limited if you’re a F2P.

Naudious Plaudious says:

I want a 3D MMO (AAA Production) with Runescape’s (Old) Skill system and
sandbox features like un-instanced player housing from games like SWG. I
like the idea of it being nearly impossible to reach level cap in
everything, but still technically possible for the lifeless, but not being
to difficult to reach level cap in a specific skill with some time and
dedication put in. Too bad this will never happen.

puckdemon says:

MMOHunts RuneScape was’t out during 2001 they did’t go to java till 2001 ..
I hate when moronic people can’t under stand i was born in 1989 and i was
playing it when i was 5 years old still do

Toby dog says:

i really dont mind all the other things.

the only thing they fucked up is because they changed the combat.

EOC fucked the game up

muffinbabe1c says:

I still love this game!

Virginia DeMickey says:

I quit f2p in 2012 and never came back after continually staking all my
money on EoC combat and eventually losing. The risk of the loot was fun,
but the combat was contrived and unoriginal. I’m glad they killed the game
though, I never realized how much time I had until I was free of it!

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