Runescape 3 Gameplay First Look – HD

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Runescape is one of the most well known, largest, and longest running MMORPG series available. This free to play java based game can be played in a browser or with a small client download. Players can use different weapons, rather than classes, to progress. Explore, gather, fish, and quest in this installment of the classic series.

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MrFalliorsLife says:

You can actually use the middle mouse button to move the camera. Makes
things much easier, I only use the keyboard to talk

YOLO Swaggins says:

still sucks

Michael Nim says:

From 2001/2 to like 2009, and a tiny bit after, I have always been in love
with runescape. No matter the graphic changes updates and everyything else
( which I think are all super awesome in runescape3 ) I can’t wait to start
playing again!!! Saving up for a low cost laptop around 2-300 bucks, any
suggestions people? Cause seriously this game is like a MAJOR part of my
childhood. Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks!

ganzi ganz says:

one of my friends said that runescape better that world of Warcraft

now i look at runescape and i understand that it is SHIT

MsJessicaHugs says:

I’m afraid that people who haven’t been around runescape in the last 3
years probably will not touch it and move on to something more modern.
Someone such as myself I’ve played Runescape since 2005 and I seen the game
go through a lot of changes throughout the years and throughout the years
the game has been on a steady decline…

Jeff Osum says:

FAKIN GAY ! I loved it

FENUX says:

Seth Rogan’s a gamer, EPIC

anotheruser123pt says:

good job guy keep it going

Matt Rees says:

congratulations, you turned runescape into another washed out rpg thats the
same as everything else =/ at least combat wise

Carlos Rosas says:

my child hood destroyed 

tatewaki2000 says:

Awesome vid!!! :D

Tim Geens says:

hmm the movement is quite unresponsive and it’s all a bit to slow for me.

Tim Geens says:

I was playing a bit of Eldevin, but this video got me interested in
Runescape 3, looks decent now so i’m gonna give it a try :)

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