RuneScape 3 – HTML5 BETA Gameplay

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Jagex released the new closed beta HTML5 client today (17/04/2013). In this video I demonstrate the advancements in graphics and gameplay that the new client provides. Low FPS rates are an issue at the moment as they haven’t yet fully optimized the client. For that reason I’ve increased the video by 30% so that the video looks smoother to the eye 🙂

If you’re wondering my specs are: i5 2500k 3.3GHz (OC @ 4.5Ghz), 8GB RAM, GTX 560TI 2GB

To play RuneScape 3, go to


Mezzy says:

i have better specs then u and mine lags????????????????????

Monisted AlphaGree says:

A Decent Graphic Card can Improve the performance

Eamsaart says:

What is html5 im still confused about this

Moos hoo says:

what computer are you using for no lag? 

headhunter172 says:

this dont looks bad 😀

Ace Thomas says:

Ah, thanks for uploading mate. I didn’t get accepted into the beta–but,
I’m looking forward to it! :]

manuel0689 says:

you are the first person i see that doesn’t lag on the beta. I have an FX
6100 AMD and a graphic card with 2gb gddr5 and still lag, the only thing I
might be missing is an ssd.

EastlifeRS says:

Good idea! However, it’s mainly the graphic engine that has changed, not
the server code – so glitches tend to be user (local) based.

Grzekuu says:

Do u think that if you have 2gb memory on card, you have good card? I have
gf8800 and it runs perfectly on max. If it’s important to you, i have 512mb
ddr3. P.S. AMD fx processors are shit….

Mr Khan says:

Look in the description?

Divine Peter says:

Man, I don’t run it even close to how you do. My fps is a lot terrible than
yours, the beta is not playable at all for me and I consider my computer to
be good enough since I get 50 fps in the live game. Do you have a powerful

Doltair says:

replica of wow much

Anthony Fuentes says:

What are your CPU specs?

UltraGamer LTU says:

yo me is lagg in my pc is 8 gb ram

EastlifeRS says:

Sure, no problem! Everyone is welcome to use this footage without
permission 🙂 Thanks for the credits though, and GJ on the video!

Alec Jones says:

Ok so no gameplay for runescape 2 but theres runescape 3 gameplay???

Ace Thomas says:

Are you clicking or is it WASD? It still looks grid-based, but I can’t tell.

EastlifeRS says:

Sure, no problem whatsoever! 🙂

KTK says:

> Flags as spam. We’re done here. Let’s move on.

DoomX Gaming says:

woooow 😀

EastlifeRS says:

I think everyone is experiencing low FPS (including myself) at times. They
still have got a lot of work to do before they can release this, that’s for

Lukas Sodaitis says:

finaly same one put there pc secs in there i got the same procesor but i
havent overclock it yet and the same ram but my video card is 560 gtx 1gb
will i have a diffrent experiance then u in fps?

SubKay says:

Absolutely amazing. In comparison to Runescape’s first release in 3D,
they’ve come a long way.

carnevil09 says:

probably the best video so far – GJ.

EastlifeRS says:

It is indeed still grid-based. No support for WASD at the moment, but who
knows in the future they might implement it.

herra huu says:


TheRealzGaming says:

I think that Jagex should ask the biggest bug abusers in-game to test these
kind of things out.

My Name Is None of your Business says:


Travis Trollark says:

Something has changed.. it’s the graphics.. but I can’t tell what…

dhruvlm says:

How’s the movement,is it point and click or WASD

Ace Thomas says:

Wizard Tower? Can you go through the levels, I want to see the render
distance from the top, if it’s changed at all.

EastlifeRS says:

Thanks man. If you want to see a specific area please feel free to make a

Adrian Alvarez says:

why does it look so grainy?

2ndRSGeneration says:

Godwars, Wilderness Volcano, Mort Myre please =D

MrMoneybag98 says:

Don’t like the new camera movements :/

Imdabossou says:

so the movement is WSAD?

EastlifeRS says:

My CPU is the Intel i5 2500k series with an overclock at 4.5Ghz.

Jhon Blumer says:

Thanks for the vid!

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