Runescape Gameplay Commentary Episode, 61, Cave Crawlers

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If you don’t like waffles you might as well be Hitler. And that’s a fact.

Rules: Thoust shalt not tradeth with other players and stuff.


danas mikalauskas says:

Looked at your description your good to go. (REPLY) Mate Make one video
about getting rude to doggies or killing them ill fucking get pissed. But
despite that then your the best youtuber ever!

metalfenix11 says:

I like your voice 🙂 Good vid

Twon says:

then how did get here?

Gibbonator42685 says:

Nice vid

IISeanll says:

That is an amazing video description.

QCube says:

Better play Black OPs and show your twelve year old friends how cool and
grown up you are. Runescape is not about fancy Graphics and great controls,
its about having fun with Friends and chillin somewhere mining and levelin
nearly forever. But k its your opinnion…

ddogg815 says:

All that shit? Not true. Play it safe, chop some wood.

RunescapePeas says:

im 18 england and i’ve been playing for 7 years since i was 11

TheParkourAttitude says:

dont bloody watch it then

The#iTommyBoy says:

Reported this guy for his description

paul bleijswijk says:

Good video!!

jouke Ter horst says:

nice video i have some questions how old are you ? where u from ? and how
long do you play rs?

andre rivera says:

holy shit 7 years?!?!?!, god dayum!!!!

Arthas Menethil says:

runescape sucks

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