RuneScape Gameplay Trailer

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This video is based on the Runescape Cinematic Trailer which was made using some sort of 3d modelling program. I decided to redo it using footage from Runescape. This video took *ages* to make, especially since I don’t have much experience editing so I’d appreciate a thumbs up if you liked it.

The original cinematic trailer can be found here:
It was created by Frameshow for Jagex.

Huge thanks to Eiraa, JoeysRattata, Mad Harrison, and Umbreon for helping out with a lot of the clips, and to all of the people from my friends chat(and everyone else too) who came for the scene at the end of the flashbacks.

Images from the flashback:


Zombian476 says:

I’m getting it now but is it worth it

DeltaWolf73 says:


JaDinked says:

haha this is awesome

bigchill54 says:

If WoW didnt exist i would play runescape.

Dima duuh says:

Good job 🙂

palmer evans says:

squeal of fortune

Andy H says:

Not sure where you live, but England isn’t usually referred to as the west.

ThirtySix says:

You’re an idiot.

Felipe Bernardo says:

eu gostei *—*

Nocti Umbrae says:

nice vid, i like the close-ups and the slow motion ! XD

RSgamerize says:

better then the real trailer 🙂

Pietyturmoil says:

Now i want to play runescape 🙂

Isquall786I says:

ROFL omar you fucking troll 😛

Jay Ratcliffe says:

Very nice video.

bendib2003 says:

I miss old runescape, to me, runescape was at it’s best right after
summoning came out… Too bad few people agree with me, no popular pserver
is based on that time…

heyo heya says:

hehe nice 😛

EtixEtix Etix says:

I’ve another opinion.. runescape was at it’s best before Castle Wars came
out 🙂

gnarlyandy1 says:

Pro vid is pro

Large Man says:

looks can be deceiving.

Juliansnake1000 says:

OOoohhh, man, you kicked his ass with that comment.

4f34th3rproductions says:

I gotta admit I laughed at 0:13 – 0:22

Esuba says:

god that looks like shit

bbrtki says:

Its a real shame this game is only played by immature kids, and you get
constantly reminded to “pay for full game features”, it would be decent

jorge luis says:

nice video 😀

Neo Sub Foxx says:

The flashback part of Jagex’s trailer did look like it was in game, the
rest didn’t, however.

playpro0500 says:

theres no fps and every game got glicths

黑翼 大魔 says:

nothing, just epic

Lordjoren1 says:

One of the most originalest Runescape video’s i ever saw!

dragonbane001 says:

the skiller girls who are actually guys.

Jake Tudor says:

makes you appreciate the graphics in wow and skyrim even moreso

Matthews Blank says:

too *—-*

Polly W says:

Look what hes wearing while cutting ivy at 0:37

TheBenz4lyf says:


steven chamlee says:


FriedFatChicken says:

Year 169 of the 5th age: Ice cream hats Bicini Helicopters SoF

boyjman says:

@baldchicken11 Are you taking the piss?

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