Runescape Old School: JeffBridgesScape w/ Ze & Kootra – Ep. 1 (Gameplay/Commentary)

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Jagex decided to bring out old school servers for Runescape! Kootra and I played this game long, long, ago, so we decided we wanted to nostalgia in our pants for a bit. This is the 2007 version of the game and it requires membership in order to play. You also have to vote YES to bringing back 2007 servers!

Also let us know if you guys want us to keep playing this because we’re very unsure about the feedback we’re going to get. It’s a game you either love or hate.

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pvt hart says:

thanks for helping out the osrs community 😀 you should gather some of your
other friends again though and try another couple videos for fun =)

Avery Horne says:

Guys if you really enjoy watching old school rune scape and have a twitch
go watch this guy on twitch he’s hilarious and good at the game his name is
justinmadecaden so go and watch 

IMMoRTaL x PuNiiSHeR says:

Holy shit I never knew they played this too

Kakarot The Saiyan says:

sort of like
don’t starve

Wags Jr says:

as of tomorrow, it will have been 1 whole year since this video was made. I
can remember a lot about this game. I can remember Beating the crap out of
the barbarians of barbarian village back in the day. I also remember
werewolves and the gnome village and a banana island and a plagued city and
my first dragon dagger. oh man… good times. I miss the times where it was
so easy. life was easy. Damn, now yall got me all reminiscing and stuff.
memories man…. 

MariaTheMouse says:

Ahh this game

ropelli321 says:

Wow i played this game soo many years ago 😛 hehe (maybeh 2006-7)

Yaamaihero says:

I played a lot of RS, when i was younger, i kind of miss playing this game,
but then later on i started to play WoW. xD! But yeah, RS isn’t such a bad

UberHaxorGnenosus says:

Scumbag Jagex….You need to buy membership for old school…..thats

thekingofchamps1 says:

so you are saying you are about 21

gigitygigtyg00 says:

ahhh, pre-ge, that’s something I find hard to remember

titledprince says:

please ze do more of this

JoelDKardik says:


MrBarrows3 says:

ya now its all wierd and the graphic update sucks

Urulebreeme2 says:

I love runescape!!

Gonçalo Oliveira says:

Thats just so true 🙁

ripsky7 says:

Wrong i was in 3rd

Metrion77 says:

Runescape. Way too addictive. But I could never figure out why. 90% of
people used bots. They had robots do runescape for them. you don’t have
robots play games for you, you have robots do work for you…

Cax Mape says:

i still play this >_<

Jkvs The Best says:

I even remeber this tutorial before the gay ass thing with the dragon, or
have they changed that too?

Yeti | Let's Play says:

I feel like Runescape is a phase most everyone interested in gaming goes
through. I dabbled in Runescape for a week or so but had been playing
Asheron’s Call prior. The sound of a drudge screaming is one of those
things I’ll never forget.

Brayden Byer says:

next weekend its free!

brandon spencer says:

i played runescape in 2006

Pravo DeNiro says:

No.. You keep your account name but have to start over.

Spoon Fox says:

“Go back to runescape, noob!” What everyone said on WoW years ago.
Now-a-days “Go back to WoW, Noob!” what everyone says on every other MMO
ever :V Runescape is now at the point of nostalgia XD

grimreper163 says:

i loved it then i got a subscribtion but then i couldnt pay for it and i
was like this sucks now ;-;

Salsa Johnny says:

more of this game, definitely

EliteGerbil97 says:

I started playing in first grade… :l

Emerald Saucedo says:

Oh gawd the nostalgia! 😀

Coleyboy555 says:


ImSoSorryhhz says:

I started on 4th grade, and quit on 8th grade, but old school servers made
me come back 🙂

imComYOU says:

Yeah… thats why they re-released this.

daafvmaris says:

only member ?

SuperGameseeker says:

I was in 3rd grade. I remember my friends were playing runescape, and the
only obstacle that I aced in creating an account was stating if you were 13
or over. So I said I was 30.

TheWizerd64 says:

I remember the rows of fire that would just be planted in town, it was so
amazing XD

finely ground coffee beans says:

Oh my God I played this when I was so young D: it was probably the first
online game I player

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