The Secret World – Faction: Illuminati + Character Creation + Gameplay

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Here are 45 minutes of ingame footage from Funcoms upcoming MMORPG The Secret World. This video shows the whole Illuminati introduction until you arrive in Kingsmouth, the first large area you have to explore.
After the Illuminati trailer this video shows the character creation of a female character and then hops right into the action.
Sorry for the flickering text. That’s not part of the game. Seems like I messed up the recording a bit there…


Digioso says:

Hmm… I can’t remember it ever happening.

SheeeitLuhrs says:

How many times have you been hit on by guys thinking you were a girl?

Rety001 says:

I mean, coat over jacket? You can tell that this was guy playing 😀

Brayz887 says:

Xbox can be hardcore!

hamburgermeat3 says:

Why is everyone creating female characters?

HImyNAMEisRJlol says:

Hey can you get the gas mask?

andrew bruno says:

12:23 the point of actuall footage

Digioso says:

Well, I’m a guy and I prefer looking at females. 😀 I can kinda happen to
like playing female characters in all sorts of RPGs.

Rice M says:

How did you doge ??

Christian All Mighty says:

I hope this game is great!, cause im from norway and would enjoy a
Norwegian MMORPG. i hope this can push up Norwegian games a little bit 🙂

Josh Hernandez says:

You like roleplaying as a woman? okay…want to borrow my room-mate’s nylon
stockings and silk lingerie? I’m sure she wouldn’t mind…Nancy bitch.

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