The Secret World Gameplay – First two hours in game….[HD]

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The Secret World Gameplay – First two hours in game….
Shadows are flickering due to dual card setup. Turning shadows off or running on one card atm.


Darrien Silva says:

who wears stripes with plaid…?

Moot Doe says:

wow it looks terrible lol…

Jay Dickerson says:

I wish this game was free to play online 🙁

Inzory says:

No ammo for shotgun??

SteelShotGamer says:

Interesting video, i recommend a commentary to go with it, usually attracts
more people to hear your inside thoughts as you play. Nice quality though
take it you recorded with fraps. Subbed 🙂

Linsy Schopman says:

horrible gameplay video, no commentary, you spend half the time in menus…
you seem to have no idea what the hell you are doing.

Владислав Батурин says:

Передумал покупать…

Dark7871 says:

now i like the iluminati

MrPJstan says:

Just another ordinary game, thats all.

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