The Secret World gameplay – Polaris dungeon group raid

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This was fun. I’m recovering from a cold so my voice is off.

Played 2013-01-06 7pm eastern


Nereus says:

really hard… a rotation of 2 buttons standing in place…

GamedOut Gamer says:

Hi. Resepc is not needed you can earn all skills eventually. The game would
become chaotic with all the respec scurrying and rebooting. Plus you really
can’t make a mistake. If you take a skill and it turns out you don’t like
it, then leave it alone and take a new skill next time. The skill system
encourages experimentation, and with experiments you sometimes get
failures. (copy pasta win from forums!)

GamedOut Gamer says:

I agree. TSW has the best mmo-style dungeons I’ve seen yet. Great mmo,

NoJobNoScopez Pavia says:

Most boring thing i ever watched.

Chris .jones says:

have they implemented respec cabability into this game yet?

Dyami Torres says:

Lol at the one kid doing 18-23 damage haha

caly101 says:

Funnily enough the dungeons in this game are superior to every other
dungeon MMO game i have played. This is the easiest boss in the first
dungeon. NM dungeons are brutal

Chris .jones says:

K thanks

XtremuZ says:

game count +1

GamedOut Gamer says:

As a followup to my previous reply… Please check the official forums for
a better answer. What I pasted in my previous reply is probably out of date.

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