The Secret World “Gameplay” Trailer

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A trailer showin goff the first gameplay from The secret World, Funcom’s upcoming MMORPG.


Leopoldo Battisti says:


Steven Russell says:

ummm that was a terrible ass trailer not epic looking i think its a waste
of a video game name idk watthis game is but it looks terrible as fuck

gameraddz says:

Left for dead meets twilight.

Forty Millimeter says:

Looks Very Repedative… what does this have to do with the illuminati??

lSaif says:

Is this instanced?

i7fan says:

Tested the beta but i never saw this gameplay? Only a world map and a very
annoying “you need friends on facebook to advance at all in this game” BS.
So its not like other games where you meet friends in the game, but you
need to aquire friends to play with in facebook… Dont get it.

ilovesasukeandleto says:

doont fret they’ll have to improve this

Seanog24 says:

Crap. I wish it was a good S.player game , not some shitty MMO

revengeupondalegion says:

lol looks good might give it a try

Jason Mcleod says:

@stickmanpivot look sure ok maybe but there are games that try for both and
give what the strive for. Demons Souls

SphinxGI says:

Hell Gate : The Beginning???

VaakoUchiha says:

I freaking hate good trailers they make the actual game seem like shit

Raggle .Mraggle says:

“(enter completely depressing speech here) Sorry….” I lol’d

Pixelrelated says:

@bluepickle15 Looks better than freaking WoW and this is an MMO.

Bighead8386 says:

@SkyRunnerZ i dont get it? where is the homemaking and whatnot? i see some
badass-ness. tis all

MiniCheetah says:

point and click piece of shit

bluepickle15 says:

@Pixelrelated I was mainly talking about the deceiving trailers, they must
have a graphics god working their trailers… And ive never played WoW so I
wouldnt know :S

Drejj says:

i watched the trailer adn thought it would be a single player game with a
cool story to follow… i’m sad to learn it’s an MMO, i’m getting older, i
don’t have time for this anymore. screw this generation!

Daniel Becerra says:

@ghillas16 The thing is with today is standards to fail in any of those
areas is just mediocre, to me graphics should atleast make me stare for a
bit and stay in awe at some of the views, if it doesnt then to me its a
failed attempt, art in a game is very important, and ofcourse without the
gamplay, which is crucial, because its a game after all, and the story
which is what keeps everything together you just cant excuse the lack of
one for the other, we all know they can do better.

Fredrick Andreas Arnesen says:

man… i saw the trailers, witch was awesome as fuck !! and then i see
this….. shitty…. they should make a game like the trailers !

Orcman22 says:

Sooooo, by what she said… the end game must be…Cuthulu?

dissinitbig says:

Good, for an mmorpg. I won’t be interested until the gameplay rivals action

servbot27 says:

@bluepickle15 I know right -_-

sunchips321 says:


stickman pivot says:

@Popol666 your judgement sucks.

IamLurch says:

this game looks terrible

Heartlessstudios says:

Wow it looks shiter than I thought Im not saying I was expecting much but
really wow

bluepickle15 says:

@klaridon Thats just it, I don’t want to buy this game 😛

stickman pivot says:

hey its not all about graphics you know. its Gamepaly that is important.
Remember playing runescape?

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