The Secret World Gameplay

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Pedro Garcia says:

To tell you I do not see it to be a bad game at all.
If you are in to thing like this game has to offer you will like it.

Creed Diskenth says:

30$ for this game…Not Happening

Random Vids says:

Wow… after hearing this horrible music backdropped against the video i
now HATE this game, and I haven’t even played it.

Ryan Wharton says:

Weird you are getting thumbs downs on this. Just a gameplay vid…

granparpimp maher says:

Don’t mind this song actully 😛 . 

Zariche Yruga says:

il never pay for this shit Moonlight Blade is F2P and looks great KUF 2 too
Black Desert Online F2P too so fuck this and GW2 too both are shit

Eric Tomlin says:

The Music is Brilliant ….

Matthew Osterloh says:

Is this game really that bad?

Loren Brown says:

hooray for pretentious highschool female emo pop

evilocomments says:

This eems boring to be honest…

Mr.Gamer says:

Wait, is this song 13 min long ??? 0_o

Rantman slim says:

Horrible,horrible music..

Nagy Attila says:

what the first song? ><

Rantman slim says:

its called freedom of speech, prick. can u not accept that people can
express their opinion without posting useless comments complaining about it?

Karl Sultana says:

wow clone

Rantman slim says:

totally incorrect, while I do enjoy hip hop that is not all i listen to. I
stand by my comment. Thanks for your well thought out comment…

Haayldan says:

sharpening the blades all day long… how entertaining!

Ira Berserk says:

God damn it…

Xakku77 says:

рпг ну некуя себе

roflman87 says:

nice u can be freddy in this game :)

Pedro Garcia says:

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