The Secret World: Issue #9 is BLOODY TERRIFYING (Parking Garage mission gameplay)

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@jon_dealspwn demonstrates how The Secret World is still the most atmospheric MMORPG on the market… by freaking out every few seconds playing the ‘Parking Garage’ mission. At least the gutwrenching horror is sandwiched by disturbingly sexy demons.

The full review — and some more professional videos — will follow at

Beware spoilers. Also, Jon wasn’t kidding about needing help with his terrible embarrassing build – here’s the chronicle: . Building an AR/Blood healing deck – any suggestions?

Jon: Yes, I know I’ve slotted the wrong Auxiliary Passive at the time of recording!

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Jordy Mol says:

Great video. Now wait until you see the mission AFTER this.

Mike K says:

Hey. Awesome vid. After just having played this last night, I feel ya’. For
your next run, if you can take it, at the very end, when the whole level is
filled with the nightmare ghost children, there’s a Black signal lore in
the far corner of the level, furthest from the entrance. Oddly, when I
played, I didn’t figure out that staring at them stopped them until much
later on, I just blindly ran at full speed away. 😛

I saw nothing wrong with your build, definitely seemed to be doing the job
well, but then I’m not the type to cry “noob” if one is having fun playing
the game the way they want to. But, I’m using a pseudo similar build. Heavy
use of elementalism, but with pistols instead. I’ve found luck on using the
synergies of affliction and purging, built around Lightning Manifestation.

Character name is Ocholivis, if you want to look it up on the Chronicle.
Hope it helps. :)

Bael Zepar says:

what full Ql is your gear now in tsw ?

Dealspwn says:

@jon_dealspwn loves The Secret World, even if it terrifies him more than
any MMORPG ever has. Watch him take on the new Issue.

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