Star Trek Attack Wing Gameplay Runthrough

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A video outlining gameplay for the tactical battle Star Trek Attack Wing. For more game info,

Part I: Gameplay Runthrough

Part II: Extended Gameplay

Part III: Final Thoughts


Roy Stephens says:

Fantastic video and thanks for putting such a good word out for this
awesome game! I do have to point out one error, though… at 18:38 or so,
when Enterprise is checking range to the Romulan warbird, Enterprise does
NOT have a shot as range is measured from closest point of attacker’s base
to closest point of enemy ship in attacker’s firing arc. so, for a moment,
you have to disregard the planet and determine where the closest point in
Enterprise’s arc is, which would be the tip of the warbird’s base that is
pointing at Enterprise (right front, if looked at from the other side of
the board) and the front right tip of Enterprise’s base. That determines
the range distance and then you take the planet (or other obstacle) into
account and if the range ruler is crossing the planet, it is an obstructed
shot, which it would be in this case. It is one of those hinky little rules
that doesn’t happen all that often, but, in a simpler and faster playing
game like this, these things can come up. Also, if you keep the blue
target lock tokens next to the ship miniature maintaining the lock, it is
easier for everyone to see which ship has enemies locked. The Valdore has
a fantastic co-op mission that your wife might like a lot (which can also
be played solo). Also, Voyager and Enterprise refit have cool solitaire

beersmurff says:

The Klingon ship is a Vor’cha class attack cruiser. Not a Bird of Prey :o)
Looks like a fun game. But people say it’s a money sink?

Paulo Renato says:

at 34:10 you had a Critical Hit… can the defender avoid a Critical Hit
with Evasive Maneuvers? If so, what is the difference between a Normal Hit
and a Critical Hit?
I’m asking because I don’t know the rules, haven’t played the game, but
looking at this, it doesn’t make much sense that a Critical Hit doesn’t hit

superchee2e says:

I feel like in parentheses it should say, “Jenn is my real life wife.”
(That I definitely have sex with.” 

mcworker17 says:

I have a question can you combine your army of any ships from all factions?
or are you stuck playing with only ships from your chosen faction?

rahdo says:

yup, a 360 maneuver is somewhat less than useful 🙂

MMODoubter says:

Looks cool, and I really like the use of photos of the true cast, BUT – I
am done with games as money sinks. I liked X-Wing, too, but didn’t buy into
it, either. BTW, that Klingon ‘360’ is a 180.

newkillerstar26 says:

Picard > Kirk 😛 Good to see you review this though. I love everything Star
Trek…even if it doesn’t make the most sense using this theme for these
mechanics…in my opinion, anyway.

bremer1701 says:

THAT would be awesome

The Pink Phantom says:

C.mon Babylon 5!

dankind33 says:

Thank you very much for sharing this. I’m a hardcore trekker but not really
a tabletop gamer. All three videos were very informative and helped me make
a decision. I bought it and it was fun. LLAP!

cartoon80s90s says:

ST uses more crew instead of ship upgrades in SW and uses “Battle stations”
instead of “focus. I am a fan of the ST universe, but the Star Trek
implementation of the rules feels more clumsy than the Star Wars version.
The SW miniatures are also more impressive with a basic paint job which is
way better than most people could get if they painted the models
themselves. All this mean nothing to the hardcore ST fans, but for all
other miniature enthusiasts, SW is a much better product.

Buntalan Lucu says:

you should get all these games for free.. you done them a criminally big
favor by doing these playthrus

TyphoidBryan says:

When can we expect the Spaceballs miniatures game?

Scott Smart says:

I loved the “Picard always shoots first.” Did you borrow that from
TableTop’s X-Wing episode where both Wil and Seth kept saying “Han Solo
always shoots first.”? Of course that’s because Han did shoot first. Stupid
George Lucas tinkering with Star Wars.

rahdo says:

yeah, that was a riff on TT, which I very much enjoy 🙂

djkretz says:

I really want to get this or Xwing

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