Star Trek D-A-C – Maxed Out HD PC Gameplay

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1920×1080 Windows 7 Ultimate Maxed Out HD Gameplay Video of this pretty nice game.
Very good for little breaks 😛

PC – Q9400, GTX 260-216, 4GB RAM

PhysX was on btw.


Dan Reese says:

why is this in German ? the game is arcade , the Federation ships are
tougher than the Romulan ships . This guy isn’t bad , He knows the game ,
its not that easy

Sassan Adl says:

This… is crap!
Firstly I don’t recognize any of the ships besides the revamp Enterprise.
Secondly, it doesn’t appear like the game’s ships handle (or give the
illusion of handling) ships in Star Trek at all!

Jose Milian says:

great and fun game. I have one brand new .interested contact me

Pizzaman15611 says:

I ruined it by watching in 240p

Donatellangelo says:

@KJOSCOT Yeah, it kinda does!

GunJack4444 says:

@HadesFumetas online and offline(solo)

AeonAion says:

looks kinda fun

ElectronicPleasure says:

Hold on have you just nicked my PC? Windows 7 ultimate (NFR Expertzone
version) Q9400 45nm 4GB OCZ 260GTXoc maxicore BFG I need to buy a new
machine soon though

Martin Scorsese says:

Looks like a sperm who’s fighthing to get into the egg first.

Macapagal says:

yeah this looks like a defense tower game

C.G.E. says:

Looks like a Flash game… What a shit!

HadesFumetas says:

this game is online?¿

RivetzandStudz says:

That looks like a confusing mess of eye candy…. just like the movie.

JaybayJay says:

I wish I could make games.. Each ship would require a group of Officers,
Players that would take care of their systems, repair medical and helm,
everything. Once they pass the Academy it would be the Captains duty to req
a ship based on Command Pts earned by his own Officers. On ship, Ensigns
would be controllable npcs’ and full interior models of each ship,
including damage and repairs. And space battles would be seen from inside
the ship not out defending against away teams with security.

girlsdrinkfeck says:

@FireTheDamnAWP so does ya mum

Johan Dale says:

yes…eh…ok…*continues with the game searching*

3000tomas says:

und sowas schimpft sich spiel ! is eher spielhallenautomatenspiel ! hätten
sie lieber im stil von elite force oder bridge commander machen sollen und
nicht so einen hunzmist !

Marland Guy says:

Looks OK! 5/5

FireTheDamnAWP says:

This game looks s**t…

TheAdam159 says:

It really shouldn’t be that hard to make a great Star Trek game. I am
hoping the new one that just came out will be it. DAC is like a mobile
game, or Ipad game. I have it on my PS3, and its kinda fun for a five
minute diversion, but is that the best they could do on current gen
technology? As I said, the new game has nice graphics and I hope it is at
least decent. It has been a long time between drinks since the last decent
Trek licence videogame. Probably Bridge Commander was the last good one

jeyko666 says:

This ist real hd, you just converted the sd video to hd!

ElectronicPleasure says:

I work as an engineer at PC World anyways but thank you for advice and
replying. Always good to see there aren’t just trolls on youtube.

Krogan Wrex says:

The people who made this game have never seen a ep of star trek… also
thrusters… really on the warp necells… err… no.

Michael W says:

(continued) razethew0rld AKA Tek Syndicate here on YouTube has some
unbiased real-world benchmarks and reviews that you might want to check

SuperDominys says:

Это ещё за игра !!))) Летающие сперматазойды что ли)

Ciprian Ionut says:

The only thing that looks acceptable is the main menu. The rest you can
throw in the recycle bin.

MrAaronm123 says:

got it on xbox

Michael W says:

I’d recommend a AMD FX-8320 and HD7850 if you’re on a budget. Ignore
synthetic benchmarks, the AMD FX-8320 can be a lot better than Intel 5’s or
the same in the real world. The HD7850 handles a lot of games and is pretty

Michael W says:

It’s kind of surprising how low the system requirements are, and odd that
they’re almost identical to Star Trek: Legacy’s.

Dan Reese says:

lol , i didnt know it came in german .the game lasts longer when you play
online .

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