Star Trek Gameplay and Commentary

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This is the greatest cosmic adventure of All Time


catfoodtitans says:

I find it extremely vexing when a youtuber with notoriety within the gaming
community posts a comment, it’s almost instantly the top comment. They
could comment something utterly retarded and still get it. Something like,
“Penis nigger,” and still get the top comment.

CommanderCoconut says:

how does guy have 1,000,000 subs, yet he doesn’t even have thumbnails?

Jake Huyett says:

Fun Fact. This game is made by Digital Extremes, the creators and
developers of Warframe

MrBentyWenty says:

Attention All Other People With Shitty Youtube Channels!

Stop advertising in our comments section!
We don’t watch you for a reason!
So fuck off!

Sincerely, God.

Sentry Syndrome says:

I died when he made that mass effect reference 

Curtains1337 says:

I like how the chess board was set up wrong.

StickguyMB says:

“My horny radar readings are off the charts”
Oh yea, using that one in the future.

DeadlyDash says:

critikal should be president

The Policy Games says:

Isn’t spocks name wrote like this ” #TooSpooky4u “.

matth9w says:

This is the best game I have ever played! 10/10 IGN 

ColorSplashez says:

star shrek

Grammar Nazi Party says:

“Alright I’ll go fuck myself”

Dang Flabbit says:

Anyone notice that cr1tikal sounds a lot more upbeat and cheerful in his
videos nowadays? (or at least since the 1M subscribers). I’m happy for the

BaronBacon1 says:

Hope no gramr natsies atak mee wif coments

Wildman says:

He remembered Harvey Dent. How does one remember these awesome references.

Kyle Camacho says:


cowman9100 says:

Fred Durst

FartMaster69 says:

i got a hemorrhoid

Halldinoka says:

how are there 1,688 likes when there are only 301 people on earth?

Idlerass shaw says:

Crytikal sounds a little different since recently…. Hhhhmmmm

Alternategaming says:

I wish I had Cr1TiKaL’s expansive vocabulary, I could literally win any

Koolade101 says:

Dumb question, but is this game any good?

Jwcom93 / Bulgarian Gamer / says:

I have a dig bick.
You that read wrong.
You read that wrong too.
Now read that again to make sure I’m not I fucking with you!

Novestador says:

Best Mass Effect 2 game since 1929. 

Chuckstein88 says:

I nominate Cr1TiKaL to be the next Kirk in the upcoming Star Trek movies.
The pure emotion in his voice really compels the story forward.

WesticlesEmpire says:

“can you predict how many fingers I can shove up your rectum until you

Fratomon says:

Under 301+ club for real. Very exclusive yo.

Meeko1010100112 says:

It seems quite late for crit to play this now…

HydraVolt12 says:

So early!

I see that you are taking time out of your day to read my completely unnecessarily long username. says:

Spock looks like a fucking space elf.

Clear Nation says:

this man is a badass

midlifecrisi hates Google + says:

Star Trek: The game that started off “Triple A games that look good, and
seem like they should be good, but is total shit”

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