Star Trek Gameplay (PC HD)

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gpu: xfx radeon hd 7870 double dissipation
ram: 4gb corsair vengeance
mobo: asus m5a97


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Toni Njirić says:

Is this game really so bad as they review it or is it ok?

trismack says:

try it out 🙂

ChargeFx says:

hold on… it’s out!

trismack says:

when do you upload yours?

Kevin S. says:

im sorry but i played this game and it suck

Vincenzo Tidus says:

Cool XD

trismack says:

no problem, feel free to comment your reaction about the game 🙂

WarPigHD says:

mossstttt impressiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

trismack says:

nice, thanks 🙂

Manny Nunez says:

Hey this game looks really cool on PC

GigginoCasapuzzano says:

good 500 subscribe I’m a friend of Ryden 🙂 very good bro <3

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