Star Trek gameplay walkthrough part 3 let’s play PS3 GAME XBOX PC HD “Star Trek walkthrough part 1”

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Star Trek gameplay walkthrough part 1 let’s play PS3 GAME XBOX PC HD “Star Trek walkthrough part 1”


Aaron Basra says:

i like it

d sar says:

Aparently this game is REALLY Bad, the metacritic right now is 38. That’s
as bad as Aliens Colonial Marines or Walking dead

John Shephered says:

that’s because Aliens: Colonial Marines IS a crap fest.

GambitFactor Presents: says:

This game could be worse….it could have been Aliens: Colonial Marines. So
why the hate? this game makes ACM look like a crap fest in comparison!

Dios prometheus says:

Not at the current price. The graphics are not up to par, and the game is
glitchy in single player. The Co-op is okay but not if you are playing it
on a local server and on the same XBox. You can start a game that way but
once you stop, you can not continue that way. The game does not allow that.

EpicAndrewm55 says:

ya don’t say William, and it IS an alternate universe james

The High Unicorn says:


dacel88 says:

ACM was a crap fest even without star trek

TheMeltaDelta says:

This looks pretty terrible

Grekinsky says:

Don’t you think that if I just play games because of the graphics, i
wouldn’t watch and wasted my time looking for videos of game that it’s
origin is of movie, that is based on a movie! DAA, I would prefer obviously
look for jappanesse games! I like and play games because their stories!
Please read well and understand well

Kiavash99 says:

Do you think this game is good, and worth buying?

Zalhandra says:

Love your Walkthroughs Hassan. Ignore the haters post whatever you like! 🙂

Chris Roberson says:

star trek was okay i mean the tv show never watch episode before

James Porter says:


45580677 says:

Was it worth it?

William Taylor says:


maggintons . says:

6:57 did he just become Ozzy Osbourne?… “SHAROOOOOOON”

TheAdam159 says:

Why come on this video then? I am not a big fan of superhero movies, so I
don’t go on Batman or Iron Man pages and say their movies SUCK.

Funnylilwhiteboy says:

@WhereDaRice star trek has been around for years and years. Mass Effect
imitates this

HassanAlHajry says:

Some people hate Star Trek itself, anyway lot of parts coming later on
today and walkthrough should be complete tomorrow

Xilent HunteR says:

15 hours kirk 15 hours spock

TheBatBurger says:

Looks like a mmo

Murat Tiryaki says:

Here’s the way the game is played, a great

MegaSheen15 says:

does kirk have ANY melee attacks

45580677 says:

Is it a long game?

FreakAboutSims3 says:

Seems like it’s worth more to pirate it and save your money for something

elee045 says:

The games graphics make it look like the amazing spider man game

Barry Kent says:


FreakAboutSims3 says:

Definitely continuing the Star Wars feel to this new timeline.

Markus Criticus says:

Oh what the hell, now we have a douchebag superior officer guy? God, it’s
like they are being cliche on purpose.

knightowl1985 says:

I agree this game looks fun. Probably better with a friend. I wonder if the
game looks noticeably better on a PC maxed out.

Von Hammer says:

This game looks like it was made in 2008 srsly

James Hawkins says:

Just like mass efect

Chawn Neal says:

Can you do a walkthrough or whatever of the online at the main menu I saw

SeriouslyGaming says:

the game is not that good..

gustavo calastro says:

The game kinda looks good, but for the graphics… I’m not a big fan, but i
bet the fans will like…

PJMack says:

i don’t get it either. its a movie game, they had considerably less budget
and time. what do people fucking expect, dead space?

TheAdam159 says:

Mass Effect definitely looks like it was influenced by the new JJ Abrams
Star Trek universe.

fartmagizewarth says:

i dont get it why do people think that aliens colonial marines was so bad i
liked it and im a huge fan of the movies

Rojan Mohammadi says:

hassan can i just tell you that your fucking awsome can you please do a
game called fez it so cool please or dont starve and more star trek

meggoldnight says:


The New Channel Design Sucks! says:


Rojan Mohammadi says:

ps.dont starve is a game

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