Star Trek Online Gameplay – First Look HD

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Close for Star Trek reviews, videos, screenshots and more. Star Trek Online was originally a P2P MMO which went F2P in January.

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Rastislav Palugyay says:

oh yeah look at that beard, that is one sexy beard… ooh i am so slow
ok….oooh i do feel like i move pretty slow ooh..ok..oooh…

fantastic gameplay! reminds me to never touch startrek online, thanks for
your time!

Bonnie The Bunny says:

Mine is still patching, so im gonna watch this video while waiting

USBEDR says:

DLC Legacy pack cost 169,99€ wtf!!!!

USBEDR says:

wow thx for review )

TheCatGames says:

türkçe olaydı iyidi

Jovan Vukajlovic says:

worst review ever. u re boring and strenuous. sorry

Stefan Marinac says:


Steve Thomas says:

thats pretty weaksauce that the borg dont even adapt to the phaser blasts

Khazlol says:

Star trek online have improved a LOT in the last 2 years :P

KtotheP tv says:

is this game any good or is it total rubish ?

Ziga Zorić says:

you have in steam

Cristi Varga says:

Omer?Wheres your intro?

GreenWhite Red says:

star treks gay

SimpleBrutality says:

lol 1:57 “united states federation”

Tony Seenie says:

ha.. gold members

RiotforPeacePlz says:

You really need to learn how to read better lol

Boss949 says:

does this game uses steam account or does players need to make a Star Trek
Online account to play?

EDIT: nvm I saw the login screen :/

nee ja says:

doesn’t look like swtor at all “uhum”

Paul Elias says:

Gameplay reminds me of SWTOR

Andres Reyes says:

haa sad click and Play, dont like that

Bone Check says:

I tough star trek was a lame game , but its awesome.

Rolando Lombardino says:

where can i download it?

SerainStudios says:

He’s such a noob…
Didn’t know he had aft phasers…

joseph pulaski says:


joseph pulaski says:

so he goes for the bearded midget lmfao

brody lockwood says:


Spathius says:

I have no faith in star wars 7.

Capn. Mavys says:

STO is such wasted opportunity i wish i could be a Ferengi smuggler in game

EnderPlayz says:

ME I have steam friend me

Joseph Wilcox says:

Star Trek is better

Biggles says:

But I was going to name my ship Bigglesworth…

farinheit2celsius says:

The game just came out, what veterans lol? But things like third party
software isn’t cool and ALL games ban those. I play EVE and there’s nothing
people hate more than autominers (Gold farmers), they ruin the economy and
people go on campaigns just to shoot them even

woreidos says:

Also, the Galactic Empire wouldn’t send an elite military officer for
extermination since it limited clone production after the rise of the
Empire and the clones made from Jango Fett were thus becoming somewhat of a
rarity among the newly enlisted human officers.

HelmutVillam says:

The game has changed quite a lot science this video

Fantendo. Thompson says:

im more for Star Wars but this game looks good.


Shut the fuck up kid.

nathan nguyen says:

Pink hair LOL

Khaotic Gamez says:

dude! slow down reading u make no sence

Norsejohnson says:

“here’s someone else zullubdurrburr” XD lol

PiratesPensSteelers3 says:

Do you think it would work on a windows 2004

InfestedChris says:

so nerdy lol

blackham7 says:

neither as i comparing the games you should’ve gone specsavers

Tuomo Kämäräinen says:

Is everyone else NPC in your ship? Is there only one human player per ship?

Raven Dusk says:

I like both just as much as each other both are great.

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