Star Trek Part 1 – Gameplay Walkthrough – Kirk VS Spock? [2013 Game]

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NEW Star Trek 2013 Gameplay Walkthrough, Kirk fights Spock? Part 1 is the intro of Star Trek the video game!

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Massive Network’s Star Trek the Video Game Review, Walkthrough & Gameplay is a hybrid! Including a review, in-depth look. And Star Trek’s ending!

With Star Trek Into Darkness releasing. The award-winning Star Trek game casts players for the first time ever as Kirk and Spock in a totally original co-op experience worthy of gamers and fans. Set in the new canon of director and producer J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek (2009) reboot, players will be immersed in the game’s rich story and action-packed combat.

Under development by acclaimed Ontario-based developers Digital Extremes (Bioshock 2, Dark Sector, The Darkness 2), Star Trek features an original story by BAFTA award winner and God of War writer, Marianne Krawczyk, in collaboration with the writer/producers of the new Star Trek films, Bob Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof.

Star Trek is in development for a console and PC release in early 2013.

Meet the Crew- The 2009 Star Trek film cast will be contributing their voices for the game, including Chris Pine as Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock.

Original Standalone Story– Set after the events of the Star Trek (2009) reboot, continue the sweeping journey through the new universe with a completely original story

Ultimate Co-op — Built from the ground up as a co-op experience, Star Trek packs two vastly different gameplay styles and unique character abilities into one game. The result: the most fully realized and varied co-op experience of this console generation.

Kirk and Spock Reborn – Play for the first time as two of the most well-known characters in science fiction, as only this new Star Trek game could allow. With the fate of the galaxy on the line, players must rely on each other to create a kick-ass team.

The Gorn Return – Determined to conquer the galaxy, the Gorn returns as re-imagined versions of the classic Trek villains, infecting their foes with venom that can poison, cause hallucinations, and even kill. Ranging in size and abilities, the Gorn seed mayhem and destruction as they destroy populations and deplete planets of their resources.


Laney Jackson says:

Blue: science officer yellow: engineering officer red :tactical officer

DenkiNeko says:

Star Trek Enterprise : Gold=command Red=Engineering Blue or Green=Science
or Medical officer / Star Trek TOS : like Star Trek Enterprise / Star Trek
TNG : Red=Command Gold=Engineering Blue or Green=Science or Medical officer

John Hansen says:

This game is awesome

Daniel Madden says:

Gold = Command, Blue = Sciences, Red = Ships Services

Lionelrm says:

Blue means Science Officer. 

artyrhys2001 says:

It’s Sheldon’s 3d chess

SpiriteofKurbin20034 says:

Yellow=captain Blue=science officer/doctor or nurse Red=engineering and

K9R00Z says:

is there different save slots? and can you play as different character on
each slot? plz answer fast. and it’s only for guys who have this game or

MultiUltraScience says:

Blue is science red is tactical yellow is egineering

James McMahon says:

Yellow=engineering Blue=science Red=Security

K9R00Z says:

you are having this ‘ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss’ sound

BearDamej says:

That second Red should be GOLD COMMAND damnit! Tired Nerd crawls into

Guilherme Lourenço says:

MilargoCorp,I bought this game last weekend,and I progress to the third
mission WITH MY BROTHER (multiplayer).Today I try to play but I can´t play
with my brother.What I need to do?

K9R00Z says:

this is my hundredth like

ThatTechGuy23 says:

…Kirks voice actor, is Chris Pine. The guy who plays him in the movie.

jason jones says:

gold is for command blue is for science red is for engering an security

TheHiddenSpirits says:

blue is science!

BearDamej says:

Blue: Sciences & Medical Red: Engineering & Security “Red shirts” (always
the first to die!) Red: Command Nerd Out

Jonathan Wimbush says:

In the original series and this version of star trek, yellow is command and
operations (ie kirk,sulu), red is communication and engineering
(uhura,scotty) and blue is science and medical (spock,bones). From TNG
onwards, yellow changed to engineering and red changed to command. hope
this helps.

SgtWeber1944 says:

Your welcome

K9R00Z says:

please don’t say the ‘f’ word is my parents hear, then that’s enough for a

Sergei Kozak says:

Thumbs up for the: “and egotistical” bit 🙂

ROGamersTeam says:

red is tactician Blue is science yellow is engeineer


Thanks Sgt! Part 2 is uploading now. Certainly one of the most intriguing
games I’ve played lately!

SgtWeber1944 says:

Awesome video can’t wait for more!

RingLordSonic says:

the uniforms blue-sciences(all fields). Gold-command (leaders). and
Red-mechnical(engineering) and defence(security). fyi in the 24th century
(aka star trek: the next generation era), the red and gold colours are

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