Star Trek The Video Game gameplay footage – New Vulcan Escape

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Star Trek The Video Game gameplay footage – Game released on April 23rd, 2013 (PS3, XBOX 360, PC Download)


ConNebulousOfficial says:

If it’s half the game Mass Effect was then it will be great

Kaleb Gee says:

Looks great people don’t know wht they are talking about

Fidalf says:

Well, I’m for every Sci-Fi, maybe I’ll try to get them and read them.

MrCalu24 says:

what a piece of dogshit

Gamemachine says:

I wish it was a mass effect clone. It might actually be playable then.

Adel O says:

The gameplay is almost like Mass Effect

2bebabified says:

The game is garbage. It’s what you expect from movie licensed games,
unpolished & unoriginal. I’m a huge fan of the series myself but this game
is just HORRID.

Bain0o says:

I prefer good copied over bad selfmade anyways

nasoszeppos says:

If you’ve never read Frank Herbert’s original first 6 Dune books, I suggest
you do. You’ll be surprised to see it’s by far the most deep, developed,
evolved sci-fi universe out there. The first 6 Dune books are more a
mixture of philosophy, sociology, theology, ecology etcetcetc than “simpl”
sci-fi. They are very hard books to read and are not for everyone (unlike
SW and Star Trek). You can then ignore the other Dune books, written by
Herbert’s son and K. Anderson. These are SW clones indeed.

Élio Ribeiro says:

Bloody hell, 22nd century medicine is quite advanced. One minute you have a
broken leg, the other you’re running on it

Biotic_Commando says:

The creators of mass effect themselves said they got their inspiration for
the game from star trek so dont because this looks like mass effect.
Besides its fuckin STAR TREK man Im soo psyched!

Akash says:

WTF IS THIS SHIT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Unspoken411 says:

not impressive to me…

Pawel Wysocki says:

they’ve just mutilated the original series. why is Kirk a conceited jerk
and Spock a submissive half-wit?

Fidalf says:

I doubt it is more developed than Star wars, And SW is MOAR than just jedis

Limelight Raver says:

I agree !

LeaveMyGun says:

23rd century

Nighthawkzone2 says:

Oh wow a mass effect clone with bad grafics

Armordude91122Cute says:

Star Wars Jedi Knight Series are better than this game

Bob Baggins says:

im both doubtful and excited abt this game

Jeromy Smith says:

I just pre-ordered this on Friday. Can’t wait. It looks like there will
finally be a good Trek game.

Колобок Никакой says:

advent rising D ))))

alucard624 says:

I agree. If you’re going to copy something, copy something that was good
and worked out really well the first time, instead of copying crap. That’s
why a lot of action games are using the Arkham Asylum and City combat

shikamaru317 says:

I had my doubts about this game early on, but this actually looks pretty
good. I’ve seen some people screaming Mass Effect clone, so I doubt it’ll
be recognized as a good game by the mainstream gamer, but for a huge
Trekkie like myself, definitely looks good.

Xilent HunteR says:

yeah i love them (not gay) but i think william shatner and leonard aren’t
so good as them

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