Star Wars: The Old Republic – Combat

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Prepare for combat!


Blahm Squad says:


mrdrebin123 says:

The framerate on this xD 

Cerberus Incorporated says:

The idea is good but the overall game play looks bad :/ 

Sakuragi Rokurouta says:

Everybody knows troopers rule in PVE.

Kurohisaki says:

it should have been action combat

Sam Barrett says:

Very crappy graphics

ShootAirsoftVideos says:

they should of made this a singleplayer game. 

Brent C says:

Too bad none of the goals in this video were ever achieved in game.

Basically just feels like any other MMO, but you have a lightsaber.

Jonthan Bennett says:

2:49 this guys name is William Wallace?!?!?!


if u wanna make ppl hap let them pick every name they want not name invail
and come up ith more cooler cartel market items like a rancor for a mount
so u wont have 2 spend fortune geting 1 from a pack or casino

raiden2048 says:

In the vid the graohics are bad but in the game they are much better, P.S
ppl judge on how porn looks because they watch it, ur basically saying if
music doesnt look good it doesnt sound good, games arent just judged on
graphics, checkout pacman roflmao

Carlos Paronis says:


chaziscool1234 says:

F2P is the way future mmo’s are going and SWTOR didn’t do as well as
expected but cannot be considered a failure because it hasn’t closed down
yet, EA is doing the best thing and has seen that F2P models work and are
going that way because it’s the sensible thing to do. You haven’t crushed
me like a bug this is a debate and it has not yet concluded. And judging by
what you’ve said you do appear to be a WoW fanboy. SWTOR was bigger than
WoW for a while in Europe. Next post.

HeavyMecha says:

they’re from edmonton…

jed john says:

that video got me so hard

Darth Marr says:

I play this game and its Awesome,you guys should try it,and graphics are
different than this video.

tylershemwell01 says:

Night Time by Tyler Shemwell on iTunes.G-ESTEEM /I’m i doing too much/Or
losing my touch/ a brilliantly written song about “can’t wait until night
time to party,” with lines like/Riding through the slum/Where i’m from/A
place where crack fiends and fat girls love me the most/Some never made it
home to take their work clothes off/Afraid they gonna miss something/
-“Real and A Good Time” STAY BOW-LEGGED & THICK. G-ESTEEM(President Obama

chaziscool1234 says:

It’s not near identical, the leveling is more immersible as is the class
story, the class system is different talent trees are slightly different
dungeon and raids are the same. The reason I played SWTOR and enjoyed it
more than WoW is because of the better leveling and story, I’m not much of
an end game player so I much preferred SWTOR.

joshlongley says:

oh my bad at first i read that wrong and thought you were saying why do
people care about people in the games and they should always choose the bad
choices and not be nice to AI… lol

chaziscool1234 says:

EA got there money back and more so the game made a profit and wasn’t a
failure and I’m pretty sure they never said it was a failure. I’m not going
to argue this point about it being to what degree a WoW clone because
you’re set in your own mind about it so there is no point. I didn’t say it
was totally new and different you would probably argue every mmo apart from
Eve and planetside are all WoW clones because they have similar game play

Reidsome says:

I am very paranid during quests because there is alot of betrayel in star
wars so i always expect them to be lying or something

legolas0029 says:

This Game sucks

hypermonkey600 says:

is this games action based or click and watch????

Mr. Uncle Stalin says:

This games graphics is sick though , im playing full graphics and its

David Rike says:

Bounty hunters obliterate because they are FUCKING BADASSES.

zeno terjek says:

egyet értek

Moran Ke says:

Action I believe

lalaxbo says:

I so want this game ! 🙂 I am a huge Star Warsfan and i loved KOTOR so much

Peace Harmony says:

I would give it a shot; if you’re worried about the cost, try the f2p
option first; that’s why it’s there. If you like the game, go for the
subscription. It costs only $15 a month, so you definitely get your money’s
worth. I was *not* an mmo fan before this game, and now I think this is the
best video game ever made.

Stefan Hines says:

I’ll try to TAKE SOME TIME and look up that video, even THOUGH it sounds

Audioforcez says:

unique my ass

UndeadElements says:

Blame it on EA.

gua543 says:

Yeah, they do, but none of the other MMOs is fully voiced. Also, story is
central to TOR, which can’t be said for the other MMOs. Races were class
restricted, since this Legacy thing came they aren’t. The truth is that
giving players the option to play as a wookie, gungan, etc. comes with a
whole lot of trouble – new voice overs (yes, even for the wookie, you’re
gonna get tired of Rarghs after half an hour), changing of class quests,
new items and no romances.

Smeckydane says:

I see that William Wallace has retired from fighting for freedom, eh?

Tim Donnelly says:

I went back to playing wow for 1 month just to see cata and the graphic are
terrible compared to swtor imho. But if you like wow’s gritty crayon
scribbles that’s cool

liquid1292 says:

Yeah but he’s just 20+ and he is already a senior game designer.. Who are
we ? Just gamers… The big head is for a reason! ;P

xXGreekGodZeusXx says:

change the gameplay to something similar to mass effect 3..and
make more money then you’d ever expect..

Jason Santiago says:

The fighting in this game looks HORRIBLE!!!!!!

Shamrock Dan says:

I love this game but most of these clams are lies

fashanu willies says:

hey it’s free to play noe 🙂

darkbyke says:

You should try FireFall.

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