Star Wars: The Old Republic – Walkthrough Part 1 – So Amazing! – Hot Girl! (PC Gameplay/Commentary)

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Star Wars Old Republic Walkthrough Part 1 THE BEST HOTTEST HD Walkthrough on YouTube! (Gameplay & Commentary) Let’s Play / Playthrough with live commentary. I’ll be doing the full Old Republic Walkthrough so please leave a comment, rating, and subscribe if you enjoyed the video!



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Gaming Claws says:

anyone still play this?

RedXhopster says:

Why did he make her fat:/ just saying 

Game Dudes says:

where did u download it from. Origin? anyway its a awesome video

James Truly says:

Never mind its better then i accepted

Mistor Clinky says:

Would anyone recommend this game? I’m a big WOW fan and was wondering if
taking a break from WOW and trying this out would be worth my time?

James Truly says:

He should have stuck with the human or twi liek in my opinion.

cody yeates says:

Sure did take your time

gamingtec101 says:

i saw the trailer than gameplay…….OMFG

Daris Price says:

wow dude you spend more time on your customizing your character than me.

Ioannis Menegakis says:


Daniel Joce says:

If you don’t agree with her, why didn’t you become a Jedi knight as a
consular (from my knowledge of being one in knights of the old republic)
are more force and talking people out of shit rather than fighting.

PabloJW says:

lol his girl looks like j law

Joseph Semil says:

yeah,. It took me 5 days to customized it,.

Mr. Xtreme007 says:

Play order and chaos on ios add me as friend: Harry’s-here

Son o MasterChief Sanders says:

What is good for gaming?

Metamorphics says:

The way her face is shaped makes her look like jennifer lawrence kinda.

Im A Bro says:

XD took so long for character! That shows that he pays attention.

vety bear says:

lol, tython sounds a lot like typhon from dawn of war 2, then again, the
jungle-ish planet, the similar name…… :I it’s frickin typhon from dawn
of war 2

Patrick Harrington says:

Where do i download this game i cant find it is it on steam or not?

nickstrain007 says:

hey jay fuck off this guy is awesome 

Cameron Tate says:

you are sow good 

Darth R'kage says:

I can’t hear what the people are saying could you turn the sound up please?

Christian Grimes says:

I wasn’t a fan of Stars Wars until i started watching these videos. No
wonder I subscribed to you!!!

Drassk says:

it’d be awesome if you start with the armor shown on the class selector
screen, some look positively awesome!

Isuzu Maki says:


lolnoobhax says:

Srsly… 50% of the movie i’ve been swearing at you for freaking slacking
like that!

pedro manuel says:

u talk to much

Chloe Hobbs says:

Anyone know if he did a dark side walkthrough too? Loved this one and would
love to see him do another one

Drassk says:

The New Republic!

Mike noer says:

technically, darth maul was an iridonian

Dalton Bechard says:

HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the man destroyurcamp says:

Awesome Video Dude!

basanto maclachlan says:

Good game

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