Star Wars: The Old Republic – Walkthrough Part 2 – Flesh Warriors! – (PC Gameplay / Commentary)

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Star Wars Old Republic Walkthrough Part 2 THE BEST HOTTEST HD Walkthrough on YouTube! (Gameplay & Commentary) Let’s Play / Playthrough with live commentary. I’ll be doing the full Old Republic Walkthrough so please leave a comment, rating, and subscribe if you enjoyed the video!



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Chris DaCosta says:

i’m not playing this game just because light sabers look like bamboo

Malachi Burleson says:

you can`t level up skills

vonshtoyven says:

90% of things in this game involve the pay to play model

My Name says:

Your girl has a fat ass! LOL!

ChanksoITC says:

can you please start playing the game and stop talking to robots about

Brian Selby says:

i know this video is really old but…i just have to… WHY DIDNT YOU

Zion kurosaki says:

Today I saw a sith named ghostrobo on korriban and I was so excited. I
think it wasn’t him though.

Basim90 says:

Guy with retarded voice.You dumb kid

shawn van der wouw says:

how to get star wars the old replubic

simon johnsson says:

I got the game but i cant fucking play the game so i fucking payd money for
fucking nothing!!!

TheBunnykiller911 says:

It is on Xbox360

iworshipslender says:

Dont need origin jyst need an origin account

Jean Andrade says:

This game was so much of a put down

Piet Paulusma says:


Prince Alex says:

hey man this game look really cool do you know how i can ask the creaters
to put it on ps3

Wade Wilson says:

Yes it is a rpg and it does have pvp

Macsnuffy gamer says:

was it paranormal activity it the same thing i do lol )

lovelive1000 says:

Fees this game is very bad

Michelle Kong says:

=3 my old republic took a day to patch

rihards lacis says:

i see like cumple of things from wow 1 of them is that when you discover a
new area you get xp

amirmalik021 says:

thats because of the robes but they do have big hips

Abhijeet Singh says:

Which server is this any 1 know ?

GamesLabUK says:

Don’t shit your pants.

awesomeelitegamer says:

12:25 that’s what she said!

Kidastro123 says:

Anybody see in the corner at 13:02 the chat says ” Just found out my
girlfriend cheated on me… Oh Well more time for SWTOR

Just Me says:

i play wow(world of warcraft) and this looks good mite start playing it

MegaCODghost says:

Another one escaped from the mental institute…

DeathsSON213 says:

I’m not saying all of them should be the way i described it, but there
should be one some atleast, try having a 1v1 battle with someone of your
exact lvl. there is no “skill” involved

John Hudson says:

How much does this cost

DeathsSON213 says:

like when your fighting a enemy of equal or higher lvl you start to get
aggrivated. theres no strategy, just using all your aquired moves untill
one dies. single player action rpg arn’t like tat at all

LavaDragon0010 says:

Can you save in the free version

David Tu says:

Well, I found out my girlfriend cheated on me today. Oh well. More time for
SWTOR. Yikes ROFL Way to look on the bright side Sorry to hear that. That
sucks. The force is strong in this one. lol 🙂

mikethechamp515 says:

stop screwing around your wasting my time

xVaZeCuMeR says:

do you need a disc to play star wars the old republic

lumiya x caedus says:

ghostrobo u are 1 of my top 10 gamers but be a man and do a light and dark
mixed sith warrior gameplay

Kidastro123 says:

I just got the game an im being part of the alliance but im not sure if i
should choose Jedi Consular, or Warrior

qwizz1000 says:

Do you attack or is it auto attack

abdullah omar says:

is it an rpg game or not? and does it have pve pvp system ?

DeathsSON213 says:

yeah i kinda highly disagree with you. most fighting games with atleast
decent mechanics (like the ones i discribed) require skill. i can see what
you mean if your talking about button mashing but sadly, it can be done
here too. This form of fighting is unrealistic and dry. To me, all the
mmorpg elements would be great if the combat wasn’t so stale.

jdpking95 says:

@braidon its free to play but u won’t get all the playable races

willie rios says:

do you need to pay every month to play this game?

Braxton Brown says:

U should have been a clone

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