Star Wars: The Old Republic – Walkthrough Part 3 – Slavery! – (PC Gameplay / Commentary)

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Star Wars Old Republic Walkthrough Part 3 THE BEST HOTTEST HD Walkthrough on YouTube! (Gameplay & Commentary) Let’s Play / Playthrough with live commentary. I’ll be doing the full Old Republic Walkthrough so please leave a comment, rating, and subscribe if you enjoyed the video!



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Teeh Pmn says:

dude you’re awesome HAHAHA

Quinlan Roth says:

His character looks like a green version of Jennifer Lawrence lol

Milko Milkovich says:

at first i didnt like your green character wen u was making it but now dat
am used to her she hot!!!

holy cow217 says:

i cant stop waching it is 12 o clock and i am not tired

Foevah Whovian says:

on my game ima boy trooper a girl smuggler (for my cousin ) and a boy sith

TheArthurAwesome says:

And 3 Didnt Like At All.

Jorge Lopez says:

phony phone call for ghost robo lol

Natty56bp says:

hehehehe :3 vibrated on the rocks ^^

N3rdHD says:

hey ghost, what pc are you playing this game on?

Wacław Przybylski says:

Look at 6:30 magic bushes… so lame.

DownWordProductions says:

How much does a whole year of game time cost?

RobertsBoissiere says:

thumbs up if you checked your phone at 2:01 =)

PC Game Man says:

It’s 25…

randomguynonplayer says:

i think they’re training sabers

milam2278 says:

i just got a new pc now i dont touch my xbox


Who ever called u, probably was butt dialing.

5chrisisabeast says:

did he download it from the site or buy the disk thing? which one do yall

Hatebreeder098 says:

lol just cut the video when ure answering a phone call 😛

Templayer says:

I hope this game is NOT similar to WoW ! WoW is shit … >_>

SypherXIII says:

@waRmt123 considering how you just spelled “lore”.. your opinion is void.

zdang4 says:

its like a copy version of WoW except star wars

MrFinnybin says:

Love the soundtrack to this game just like kotor 2

Angela Gray says:


airfrc00 says:

ur not funny at all

Foevah Whovian says:

i like it will u watch my vids and fave mine iuf i fave ur vids without
watching em

Daniel Laurendeau says:

hey ghostrobo, that guy SelvsleaderCarson is a child not an adult not
acting his own age and even his sith character has not made the rank of

PegazX says:

i know i know but i can’t talk right now! 😀

MisterHooboMaster says:

OMG!!! I JUST NOTICED THAT!!! OMG OMG 4.05 its chris redfield talking!!!!

lame rags says:

you make this game look lame but its not

DeSmoove says:

there called siths

zdang4 says:

can u be a padawan in this?

Kiiro Infactoid says:

@GhostRobo I think you should pause the recording first, so you could
answer the phone. it’s possible on Youtube right?

zac willis says:

you said leggings for “him”…… its s chick bro…… fail

MurasakiCosplay says:

I like the idea of this game and all but the movement seems really choppy
similar to that of guild wars 1, which was a good game not bashing, but the
game play from these last three videos I’ve watched has been nothing
spectacular like people have made it out to be, Just another mmorpg with a
different theme

Crappy Nappy says:

@dragonslayer4001 Learn to spell dip shit

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