Star Wars: The Old Republic – Walkthrough Part 5 – (PC Gameplay / Commentary)

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Star Wars Old Republic Walkthrough Part 5 THE BEST HOTTEST HD Walkthrough on YouTube! (Gameplay & Commentary) Let’s Play / Playthrough with live commentary. I’ll be doing the full Old Republic Walkthrough so please leave a comment, rating, and subscribe if you enjoyed the video!



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CalMac and Waverley Enthusiast says:

I know this is an old video but how long does it take to learn to use your
map. He is the big triangle obviously.

Louisario Maxime says:

Dude you passed him 3 times

Miriam G says:

Ghost robo play hary poter

TheFlakes36 says:

why you pick a girl and your a boy

Tadukas Brazauskas says:

In 1:00n is awsome

Shuner Ren says:

Handrew took the holo corn 

Some Cheeky Scrub says:

If you what i mean… 2:26

Oldwiseman Wiseoldman says:

ur fun at partys

adagorn says:

I can’t believe what they did to Revan what crap

Richard Cowan says:

dadadada your a fag

EpicLugia1 says:


yankeecabbage says:

im loving this walkthrough we need more old republic ghost

AtomicComedyTV says:

is this game xbox controller compatible?

Music PlayHouse says:

Your a good taker ghost

tyler132ish says:

use your map to find the missions hes in the cafe

asilaydying534x says:

8:58 “whoa!!…….i didn’t know there were dinosaurs!” bahahah i lol’d so

xBRinGMeThEHorizoNz says:

WoW Much

Ray N says:

JYNXX!!! 9:39 hahaaaa….ghost u owe her a soda!!

Music PlayHouse says:

Your a good gamer

Giovanni McAdams says:

that ass!!!

nematoad9 says:

this game is alot like WoW, just cooler

bonaza360 says:

looks good keep everything don’t cut it

nematoad9 says:

the all spark

NintendoMiner says:

The Allspark cube

GodofWar3228 says:

I knew that man that used the hollow projector or whatever stole it.

caner says:

i hope someone makes a similar game for dragonball z

foey60 says:

Does this game costs a month? :/

eart says:

that booty though

Pokeblaze12 - The Fire Pokemon Master! says:

your a striper

Meridian Son says:

“Ya kylled her!” Nice!

ruick78 says:

Hahaha ghostrobo I love way you learn odd but funny and bit frustrating but
I can understand your new to game

tntteng says:

I stil ldon’t have this game glad your still doing this game

Tatuzka says:

@Sinboy07 Hahaha… It is almost cute how you are trying to be the bad boy
here… xD

hudymanandcj says:

Do you?, neither should be either.

Pamulean says:

graphics sucks:|

Robert Snivels says:

Ghost is a funny guy!

101classicgamer says:

its funny because when your part of a good faction the droids are nice to
you saying be careful out there. but when your in a bad faction they will
say something like stop wasting my time.

AtomicComedyTV says:

@TheAssasinJohn yea i know that i ment can u connect a xbox controller to
your pc becuase i know you can do that i’m not sure if you can do it on
starwars the old republic????

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