ArchLord is a 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by NHN Games and Codemasters Online Gaming (COG). The game was released in March 2005 in South Korea and October 2006 in North America and Europe. In August [More]
archlord: ranger,elementalist and knight gameplay low level
This video is from the open beta of Archlord 2 europe
the 2nd video about archlord (with archer)
a beautiful video about archlord
made by Mrvinkelhake. much better graphic dont you thínk
Archlord 2 is a medieval fantasy-based MMORPG that takes place in the mysterious and dangerous world of Chantra. Players will join in a never-ending conflict between the two opposing factions of the Azuni and the [More]
A new game i ran across pretty fun.
Enjoy! If you liked the video please remember to leave a Like & Comment, I appreciate it a lot! cb,gameplay, closed beta, leveling, skills, tank, killing, mobs, monsters, grinding, gathering, etc…
my first day on archlord and its going well
Since I made a gameplay video for Secret of the Solstice I decided to make another one for Archlord. Archlord is a free MMORPG from Codemasters.
Hier zeige ich euch einmal das neue Archlord 2 was derzeit in der offenen Beta ist. nur damit ihr mal so ein paar Eindrücke Spielszenen sehen könnt. Viel Spaß dabei! P.S.: Ja ich hab mich [More]
Gameplay of Orc Sorcerer lvl 35 My char is Okeros, lvl 35 used to play at Brumhart and later on Tullan Retired…
An ArchLord MMORPG review – This video did’nt show whats all in game but it shows my short first 20-lvls of playing it. Regards to STALKER guild on B… server 🙂
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Along with Humans, Orcs were the other class available on Archlord Ep 1 in Korea (Moonelves were released in Korea in EP2 whereas in the rest of the world the 3 classes were released together). [More]
Archlord Gameplay 2010 11 november Yes i’m level 12… In title says level 11 Sorry for mistake 🙂
Una vez mas el cheto troll en archlord 2. Esta vez en PVP en una BG. Espero que os sirva de ayuda .Un saludo Twitter:@elchetotroll
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