Is Asherons Call 3 in development? Ripper talks and wants your feedback on possibly one of the best MMORPGs ever made, being remade.. Music Credits: RYKARD
Shows me winning two 1v3’s in Yaraq.
Fighting Geraine in Charged Refuge to complete the 7 Hosts. Started off kinda weird….firing backwards to hit him….so i started recording. Geraine: Gerain’s Hosts Quest Guide:’s_Hosts Charged Refuge:
We went 1-1 and I made him feel nervous again. Good fights. It was a lot of fun. Streaming on Twitch too:
Thank you all for being a part of this great game with me. — Watch live at
The first trailer made for one of the best games ever.
I got the current build of ACE working, wanted to show it off.
Sparta say’s goodbye to the first MMORPG he ever played.
Immortalbob and Dr Octagon, take down 2 Norshuntyrs while on the Viridian Rise. — Watch live at
Aerfalle’s Keep through the boss lady herself led by Sasho of Morningthaw. — Watch live at
Going back to my roots with Asheron’s Call, an MMO that came out in 1999. The game is still up and running by the original developers. AC is free to play, but the game (and [More]
(1/3) Prismatic Guardian Lair: Part 2: Part 3: Gaerlan’s Citadel (Uber):’s_Citadel_%28Uber%29 Prismatic Guardian Lair: Obsidian Golem Noble: Citadel Valley:
Here’s some random Asheron’s Call gameplay of different quests and things running around Dereth on the Solclaim server. This comes 1 month before the shutdown of the servers. If I get more footage there will [More]
I got access to a completely unfinished emulator so i could check out some areas i’ve always wanted to see. This is the “moon” or turbine’s testing area. If i find more cool stuff up [More]
Hoshino Must Die/Defeat Hoshino Kei quest. Most people will never do this quest due to the difficulty, figured it should be documented in video. Quest Guide: Featuring Immortalbob, Treasure Chest, Scazm, and T-Shang of [More]
Knockin out killtasks — Watch live at
Saying goodbye is never easy. Today, thousands of players said goodbye to the friends they made while playing the MMO Asheron’s Call as the plug was pulled on its servers after 17 years. We were [More]
AKA Nightmare Gate This is one of my favorite quests, lots of assets not used anywhere else in the game. Sepulcher of Nightmares: Sarkin Killcrane: Wai Jhou: Journal of High Archon Kraest: [More]
Asheron’s Call: Climbing the Shadow Spire Goin’ after the Shield of Isin Dule with Bluntsauce Disconnects suck…Also, sorry about the sound, forgot to turn it on initially… Shield of Isin Dule Quest: Shield of [More]
Immortalbob and Isawa Nodotai of MT run Viridian Rise! — Watch live at
(3/3) Citadel Library and Prismatic Devastation: Part 1: Part 2: Gaerlan’s Citadel (Uber):’s_Citadel_%28Uber%29 Prismatic Ziggurat: Proving Grounds Uber:
Morningthaw’s best run to date, we made stage 11!! Featured Players: Dr Octagon/Walt Dongo, Treasure Chest, Immortalbob, Scazm, The Broken Hilt/The Hand of Doom, Zalante, Savvboy For those who may not know, the Gauntlet was [More]
Asheron’s Call: Aerbax Always wanted to take him down solo Links in description as always Aerbax’s Citadel:’s_Citadel Aerbax:
Boss Battle for the Hoshino Must Die! quest Featuring: Immortalbob, Treasure Chest, Yertle, Zitt, and Je of Morningthaw Quest Guide: Hoshino Kei: