Star Wars Galaxies lives on SWG: Legends the most advanced SWG server featuring fully working Jump to Lightspeed as well as on going development. Captain Katarn returns to SWG with a brand new character to [More]
In this episode, we will be taking part in Script Stealing. This is where we will steal books from other sect to sell or to learn. ==== Age of Wulin is a free-to-play martial arts [More]
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Starting a new series where I return to Everquest 2, this video is to talk about my intentions and to open the floor up for any comments. There seemed to be a lot of feedback [More]
► Played & Edited by Yic @ 00:00 – Intro 01:50 – The False Emperor (Ilum) 57:54 – Rise of the Hutt Cartel (Makeb) 2:30:00 – The Dread War (Oricon) 3:54:54 – Trouble In [More]
► Played & Edited by Yic @ 00:00 – Cinematic Intro 04:20 – Chapter 1: The Hunt 28:12 – Chapter 2: A Dream of Empire 39:37 – Chapter 3: Outlander 57:55 – Chapter 4: [More]
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Episode 2! This is a new Adventure Quest Worlds or AQW series I will be starting! I will be going through the whole of Lore and ticking off my bucket list as I go [More]
The best MMORPG. Music:
Cohh takes a trip back through time, to revisit the classic MMO EverQuest to tackle the new progression server Agnarr with plans of raiding and showing new people the glory of classic MMOs. — Watch [More]
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Aujourd’hui, Looking For Games nous propose le premier épisode d’une nouvelle série de quatre épisodes consacrée à The Secret World : le très bon MMORPG sans abonnement se déroulant dans un univers contemporain. On commence [More]
Discord ► Retrimming is a series in Runescape where I acquire the Trimmed Completionist cape after new updates come into the game! Thanks for stopping by and for being patient while I balance real life [More]
Hello there my fellow stars! Today we continue our Vindictus Adventure where we left off last time we helped them save Clodagh! Today we help Caryl from the bar and find a strange mirror fragment! [More]
LET’S PLAY FLYFF : EPISODE 1 – JE REDÉCOUVRE FLYFF EN 2018 Si la vidéo t’as plu met un pouce bleu 👍 et à t’abonnez , ça m’aidera beaucoup à développer ma chaîne! ► Mon [More]
DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN MOVIE: ► Played & Edited by Yic @ You are watching STAR WARS: The Old Republic the movie series. In Episode 1, it includes all the cutscenes from the Jedi [More]
►First Episode: Warhammer Online: Age Of Reckoning In this series I bring you guys back to the past where we revisit older MMO’s and discover their development processes, what they added to the industry, the [More]
My Twitch Channel: Information about the series: Finally! Episode 1 of The Old School RuneScape Adventure! All the clips in this video are footage from the livestreams I did on twitch. Feel free [More]
the long journey. Archlord 2 was a mmorpg published by Webzen during year 2014-2015. It was mmorpg with really old school vibes, span from the artistic choices to the progression system, based mostly of grinding [More]
Website: Patreon: Dear god, what have we done? Chaos… “celebrates” his 100th (numbered) episode with the relaunch of his all time favorite MMO. Well, that was fun while it lasted… Set aside some [More]
So, the Watson voice integration has finally dropped. And while it isn’t exactly what I was hoping for, sounds like others feel the same way, it is still pretty good for what it is. I [More]
Origin flyff let’s play saison 2 épisode 1 : Un nouveau Départ Lien du jeu Origin flyff : Si la vidéo t’as plu met un pouce bleu 👍 et n’hésite pas à t’abonnez, ça [More]