Landmark is, essentially, a Minecraft type world building game where persistent worlds are procedurally generated and making each one unique. GAME WEBSITE: Join us on Facebook: And Twitter:
TMO went to Plane of Time last night for the first time on Phinigel. I was part of the Undead team and everything went very smoothly for us in both phases 1 and 2. One [More]
Spent a little time with a pick up group in Halls of Honor before heading out to help some guildies in Crypt of Decay. ——————– Each of the EQ-related guides I’ve created: A collection [More]
Each of the EQ-related guides I’ve created: A collection of the individual raids I’ve recorded: Raw gameplay video of all of my livestreams: Watch me livestream raids on my shaman on the [More]
Tim started out in MMOs with EverQuest 1, which explains a lot. Join us as we go back to look at an old part of the game as it is today.
Join me as I play EverQuest Classic. Deenan travels to High Pass Hold to complete the next Armor Quest by slaying Orcs and Gnolls. Thanks for watching and please give me a LIKE, comment and/or [More]
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Full clear of Plane of Air including each of the ring events. I had the bright idea of suggesting we charm some of the lower level birds for added DPS. Don’t do this! It messed [More]
Tonight we finish up our Time run from the other night, clearing Phase 1 and then moving straight to Rallos Zek and Quarm. After wrapping up Time we headed to Innothule Swamp to do the [More]
Join me as I play EverQuest Classic. After a day of waiting, I finally get on the Agnarr Server and start my adventuring life as a Dwarf Paladin. Thanks for watching and please give me [More]
Fighting an Earth Elemental in EverQuest next. GAME WEBSITE: Join us on Facebook: And Twitter:
We took a look at EverQuest Landmark, the new EverQuest standalone game from SOE that allows players to gather resources and build structures in a persistent world. GAME WEBSITE: Join us on Facebook: [More]
Everquest Next promised to be revolutionary in the world of MMORPGs, with Landmark along side it as a sister project to feed into it. But it wasn’t meant to be… so hopefully we can find [More]
I tried to do some commentary over the video and give y’all a little bit of an about me type of thing, But the audio would never save. So instead I threw some music in [More]
EverQuest Next ( #EQNext ) All Gameplay Footage From SoE Live! Twitter – FaceBook – TwitchTV – Website – I compiled all the actual gameplay shown today at SoE live in [More]
Combat Gameplay from the new free to play game of the EverQuest franchise. GAME WEBSITE: Join us on Facebook: And Twitter:
EverQuest Next was set to be the largest sandbox MMORPG ever created… so what went wrong? — Welcome to my series “What Happened To..?”, where we’ll take a look at some of the most anticipated [More]
Welcome to my EverQuest 2 Quest’s walk-through, here you will find videos with commentary on every quest we encounter along our travels I will read out the quest text as well as guide you through [More]
Introduction to basic character creation as I begin to play EQ 2. Basic. Quick. Free To Play. Will create a character and currently plan on playing to level 20 just to test out the game [More]
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Everquest 2: 2016 Guardian and Inquisitor. Trying to get to 100. Everquest 2 walkthrough. let’s play Everquest 2. Everquest 2 Splitpaw server. The Lethal Legacy Network. Music used for Intro:Jo BlankenburgVendetta 02:12 Yes [More]
Kunark Ascending is available for pre-orders now! Check out the replay from this stream, and learn about the 13th expansion for EverQuest II, Kunark Ascending. This stream was recorded on Wednesday, Oct 5, 2016 [More]