Hey guys, I have talked about streaming/playing Dark Age of Camelot for months now, and I finally did it.. Anyone who’s watched my streams has heard me talk about this game, my first ever MMO, [More]
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In this MMORPG first impressions video we check out Lord Of The Rings Online. This First Impressions is going to be a little different as LOTRO is a very old game now and I’m exploring [More]
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I have been playing LOTRO for 5 years now and in all that time haven’t taken the time to check out the other MMO developed by Standing Stone Games, “Dungeons And Dragons Online”. Join me [More]
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(Note: This is a Twitch.tv Highlight.) Return of Reckoning is a private server that hosts the old Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning MMORPG. The servers are well kept, the community is awesome, and I want [More]
https://www.mmobomb.com/review/star-trek-adversaries for more Star Trek Adversaries reviews, gameplay videos, guides, screenshots, tips, news, and more. Explore the Final Frontier in Star Trek Adversaries, a new collectible card game featuring ships and characters from all eras [More]
Let’s talk about Terra in Paragon. I got my hands on Terra this morning and she feels good! I thought she was going to be more game breaking but she is a solid hero! Enjoy! [More]
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Sorry for the lack of streams lately, I’ve been busy with studies and work. 😀 I take my very first look into the Free to Play MMO called Runes of Magic. This First Impression series [More]
TheHiveLeader takes a look at another Nexon game. This time, it’s Dragon Nest, a F2P Action MMO. Dragon Nest is a fantasy anime MMORPG that puts players into a PvP-focused world with a dynamic combat [More]
The Elder Scrolls Online was initially released on PC in 2014 and had a rocky launch to say the least, one year later I decided to check out TESO as someone that’s never played Oblivion [More]
Dungeons & Dragons Online just released the newest expansion, Mists of Ravenloft. Having never covered the game, TheHiveLeader figured it was time. I ain’t scared of no ghosts! Dolls and scarecrows however… SUBSCRIBE – http://goo.gl/vdWSw0 [More]
DDO was released in 2006 and is the MMO Genre’s best implementation of D&D Rules. But does it’s graphics and gameplay stand the test of time? Maybe, depends on what you’re looking for in a [More]
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Amazing character creation, and you can fly. What more could you ask for in an MMO? Check out our first impressions, right here! Also: The correct release date of this game is November 2008 (a [More]
● This is the full gameplay, when I was playing through Lost Continent! I had a blast playing it, plus it was fun trying out the blade dancer class! ● Subscribe now and support us! [More]