This expansion brings an added feature of being able to roleplay the titanic scene where you’re pretending to fly :^) GUILD WARS 2 PATH OF FIRE IS FINALLY HERE! Let’s go through the expansion and [More]
The herald is apparently Sonic guys, this expansion is even better than i though. GUILD WARS 2 PATH OF FIRE IS FINALLY HERE! Let’s go through the expansion and have fun with it! Guild Wars [More]
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GUILD WARS 2 PATH OF FIRE IS FINALLY HERE! Let’s go through the expansion and have fun with it! Guild Wars 2 Path Of Fire Playthrough PART 1 This is my let’s play Guild Wars [More]
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We got to check out the first 20 minutes of Guild Wars 2’s upcoming second expansion, Path of Fire. For more on the expansion, read our full feature on Polygon. Subscribe for more videos! [More]
♦The new Path of Fire expansion just launched! Check/Play it from here: ♦To play for free: Many thanks to Arenanet, as please be aware these links support my channel! ♦The next several videos [More]
Guild Wars 2 is really fun, especially with friends, so I decided to bring as many as possible and race through to the endgame. Turns out bringing a small horde of players makes things go [More]
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Welcome back everyone! Today I bring to you a build which is definitely not “meta” at the moment, but with more tweaks and experience with the build, maybe there can be a spot for this [More]
Welcome back everyone!! In today’s video I will be going over a slight variation of a build I had played with a while back. Considering all the buffs to Guardian Support, I’ve been having a [More]
▸Play Guild Wars 2 for free! ▸Grab the Heart of Thorns expansion! ————————————————————- G’day Gang! Starting a new let’s play series on the much loved Guild Wars 2. I’ll be starting from the [More]
Few fight from Dark Age of Camelot, Uthgard 2.0 Server. Cleric Gameplay, Dark Dawn Guild. 04.05.2017 I do not own copyrights for any musics in this video
Olá, este vídeo tem como objetivo tirar algumas dúvidas e atingir o público que nunca jogou Guild Wars 2, nele eu dou minha opinião sobre os aspectos básicos e mais chamativos do game. Espero que [More]
Back again today with some power warrior/berserker gameplay in the Citadel of Flame dungeon! Power berserkers have very high damage as well as high health. They are a bit lacking in sustain, but they have [More]
Back again today with some power engineer/scrapper gameplay in the Citadel of Flame dungeon! Power scrappers are VERY versatile, and because of that the gameplay is very engaging and fun! The gameplay can be a [More]
Welcome back everyone! Today, I bring to you a build that was crafted out of pure fun, not of “end-game” domination. I hope you all enjoy this video :3 Subscribe, like the Video, and Comment [More]
Sup Guys ! I show you here one more time the Druid and how to play as a good support. On this video you see a unranked game with totally random players and some pretty [More]
Guild Wars 2 – First Impressions/ First Look – Gameplay 2016 Follow me on Twitter!: Follow me on Twitch!: If you enjoyed this video, please like comment and subcribe for more videos! — [More]
Back again today with some power guardian/dragonhunter gameplay in the Honor of the Waves dungeon! Power dragonhunters have really nice damage, but also quite low health. They make up for this in having TONS of [More]
Is Guild Wars 2 worth playing in 2017? Here is my Guild Wars 2 review, and my top 10 reasons for new players to check out GW2. Support the channel by giving the video a [More]
Watch me (the idiot) failing hard at ranked PVP! Somebody had recommended me to play Terissimo’s burst Thief Daredevil build, so here it is! Terissimo’s Burst Thief Daredevil Build : I’ve had tons of [More]
NO HAY DIRECTO HOY: Estoy trabajando en un proyecto para el canal, que os va a encantar!! Vuelta al ruedo en el PVP de Guild Wars 2… y no puedo estar más oxidado!! tendré que [More]
Subscribe now and support us! Check out our latest Guild Wars 2 PvP gameplay vid! In todays adventure, we came across a DRAGON. The Shatterererererrrr! He was quite formidable. He.. almost ended us, and [More]
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