A lot has changed since the last edition in April, so time to make a new one! I’m sorry its so long, but if you’re a new player, this will get you going FAST. Join [More]
FFXV New timed hunt quest (9th May 2017) 4 level 130 Tyraneants / Treants gameplay livestream on PS4 Pro (1080p 60fps) Support me: https://youtube.streamlabs.com/UCfVhjM2_XVvO5eGbOK-MO0A Incoming search terms:MCDZsisterx8b
FFXV Full game gameplay boss battle vs Ayakashi samurai lv. 110 superboss and Shiva summon, the fight was very hard, I beat him before but at level 75 and on easy mode, I decided to [More]
Sorry for the late video. Turn on your speakers please. I’m trying something no AQ player has done on Youtube. ^^ This video features Vendetta (me) getting level 130 the max level on adventure quest [More]
Welcome to Star Wars Galaxies or SWG! Star Wars Galaxies is a sandbox MMO set in the Star Wars universe shortly after the destruction of the first Deathstar above Yavin IV. Star Wars Galaxies offically [More]
A game play demonstration of Vindictus. Raw and unedited and recorded using the game’s in-game recording. Converted .avi to .mp4 format is the only adjustment made to this video. Frame rate: 30 fps, although a [More]
Although Dark Avenger has the word “Dark” in its class name, he actually deals fire elemental damage instead. Skill build and guide: http://dyweiworld.com/dragon-nest-dark-avenger-guide/ Dark Avengers have the special ability to transform into [Dark Avenger] at [More]
Flyff Legacy combines the charming anime style and social aspects of the original PC MMORPG Flyff Online (Fly For Fun) with new graphics and gameplay that will appeal to longtime fans and new players alike. [More]
BUY/SELL: https://bit.ly/flyffbuysell BECOME A PRO IN INSANITY FLYFF: https://bit.ly/flyffpro PRICE CHART: https://bit.ly/flyffpricecheck I am on a quest to have fun on all 8 classes in Insanity Flyff. If you want to donate to my project, [More]
Most of the Bleed Phantom’s skills are close-combat using the power of dark element. Guide and SKill Build: Soon You won’t find any of AoE skills in this spin-off class. And I think Bleed Phantom [More]
Leveling up using enchanting skill on monsters.
(Sponsored) Pre-register for Lineage 2: Revolution – http://bit.ly/L2RSwifty2 Bajheera and Cartoonz (Hogmanlolz) joined me on fully decked out characters for some free-for-all PvP in an extraction dungeon! We also ran an elite dungeon and defeated [More]
Mabinogi Heroes Korea Server [Vindictus] Play on iMac 27″ Bootcamp Windows 10 64 bit Character: Miri
Oracle Elder or Oracle Freya is the spin-off class of Kali in Dragon Nest game. Skill build & guide: http://dyweiworld.com/dragon-nest-oracle-elder-freya-tips-guide/ I’m using the low equipment, as usual, to challenge myself whether I can use Oracle [More]
Neverwinter Criação de persongem Level 1 Gameplay #01 pt br, faaaala galera Geek tudo bem mais um vídeo do Neverwinter D&D, um ótimo jogo pra quem curte o bom e amado Dungeons and Dragons, espero [More]
Let’s Play Flyff DISCORD : https://discord.gg/dt3AB9g 🙂 so heute zeige Ich euch mein EQ. Waffen, Schmuck, Blain Set 🙂 fals euch Das Video gefallen hatt dann würde Ich mich über eine positive Bewertung freuen^^ mein [More]
Hi there, I’ll like to share with you my level 57 Paladin Build: – My Items – Class Skills – Rune Skills – Inventory Player info: Name: fizdarth Clan: M8HEXA (#2 Clan in Gludio 01) [More]
EPISODE 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEAXznfQIvE Rift Gameplay Episode 3 Free Max Level! In this video, we continue our adventure in Rift. We hit level 10, then queue for “instant adventure” and hit level 65 instantly! Make sure [More]
My build this life is atm a 9 monk, 1 druid/rogue… This was just a hard solo run in Red Fens. I could have done it in ~2-3 minutes IF I had Dimensional Door =_= [More]