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Basically this is SEGA own version of Fate/Grand Order.
The Origin of the Phantasy Star Games finally being reviewed and examined for its history, its gameplay, and its mythology. Part One of at least Four to come covering the entire Phantasy Star Original Mythos. [More]
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Idola Phantasy Star Saga has officially launched in Japan. So today we are jumping over to check out the new hero collector RPG and see if we can get the hype going and push for [More]
Time to see if the elusive Japanese MMORPG PSO2 is truly an MMORPG worth all the hassle of downloading and installing and eventually playing for a prolonged period of time! 🙂 ENJOY (~o3o)~ ⌖ SUBSCRIBE [More]
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a FOUR MAN let’s play. I’ll probably do ep 2 and 4, just to immortalize this game. I’m gonna play PSO2 basically for the first time soon. — Watch live at
This recording was done awhile go.Considered I played this on an actual Genesis long ago and I know the grinding on this game is downright dreadful, I added money so it doesn’t take me 3/4 [More]
Welcome to iPLAY SEGA!! Episode 20 ^_^ This Time my favorite Dreamcast Game: Phantasy Star ONLINE Ver. 2 from 2001. FULL VERY HARD Mode Playthrough! Character Class: HUnewearl LV at Start: 73 ID: Greennill New [More]
Is Phantasy Star Online 2 a MMORPG worth playing in 2017? Hopefully this first impressions/review helps you decide that. PSO2 Tweaker Guide & Download: 2 clips by Steparu used in video —————————————————————————————— Patreon [More]
Phantasy Star Universe Gameplay Walkthrough / Playthrough PC, PS2, Xbox 360. This series will include the main story, main quests, all cutscenes, all chapters all boss fights, all areas and ending of the game. No [More]
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Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2) First Impressions / Early Game Review Phantasy Star Online 2 is an instanced based anime MMORPG that was released in Japan in 2012 however has never received an official western [More]
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Nice Emergency Quest. Not as Epic as I expected it to be, but it’s fun~ As for the main strategy: 1. Grab Sword 2. Fully charge it 3. Ram the blue spots on the dragon [More]
Some gameplay of this great remake that never came to the states, Phantasy Star Generation 1 (2003), translated by fans and played by me. I will be playing more of this. Enjoy!
Phantasy Star Zero (ファンタジースターZERO, Phantasy Star Zero?) is a DS game developed by Sonic Team, published by Sega that was released in Japan on December 25th 2008. The game expands on the gameplay mechanics of [More]
A small gameplay of the online mode in Phantasy Star Online, using the DreamPi setup ( and Sylverant server. Yeah, if you take your time to setup everything, it works very well. Recorded directly from [More] Played by: Valis77 This is one of many games people overlooked. It pales in comparison to it’s predecessors with it’s low graphics and sound, but i think it’s unique, you can choose who you [More]
Voici la première partie de ce jeux qui est excellent cependant , lorsque je mettais fraps en marche ( logiciel qui me permet de filmer) , les image par seconde . Bonjour a tous j’ai [More]