instance in The Lord of the Rings Online called the Rift, at the end you kill a Balrog.
Guild: HUMBLE I own the video, however, the music belongs to their respective owners.
My Gameplay of Valeks Challenge with a 10 man raid team fighting off against the enraged valek hope you enjoy! Songs Elektronomia – Energy [NCS Release] ÉWN – Feels [NCS Release]
Everquest 2 Guild Forgotten Souls PoP extended stay raid 12 23 2017
This is a run through highly edited video of every Rise of Kunark Raid Boss in EverQuest 2. The armor im wearing is a mixture of Terrors of Thalumbra and Zek, The Scourged Wastes on [More]
I don’t actually think people read these…but, here is an exciting look at one of the end-game Alien Playfield Sectors.
Goddess Neamhain’s Video Time: Introducing Raid Party Start: 3:30 1st Phase Neit: 4:10 Cutscene / Fighting Neamhain: 8:13 2nd Phase Neit: 13:00 Fighting Neamhain: 16:30 Cleared Namhain’s The Gate of Babylon: 18:00 Interactive Cutscene / [More]
Lineage 2: Revolution | GAMEPLAY Raid Boss | Mobile MMORPG Continue to be the image of the game beautifully Lineage 2: Revolution. Upcoming 2017 – Official Site: – Google Play Wish List: ———————————————————————————————————– [More]
If you thought Dark Age of Camelot was dead, you were dead wrong! Watch 138 albs in a DF raid take down Legion in this episode of Let’s Play! Dark Age of Camelot! Nobaldjr – [More]
The Adventures of the Firebolg Timelot Part 7. The Legion is the Boss mob inside the famous Darkness falls Dungeon. One of his specials is the teleport into another room.
Happy New Year everyone! nWa raiding KGB. / 151 / RUHO / S!TH / !GOD We got a decent pull from this raid, 24 out of 32 scrolls and 7 of them were +25 Maximum [More]
Neverwinter | Heralds of Tiamat (Raid) | Module 6 + Trickster Rogue
A very long raid but I hope you enjoy it! My guitar channel! Talk with me on Facebook!
Neverwinter Online Gameplay – Venfithar Raid Links de Interés Info oficial: NeverWinter en Steam: —————————————-­————————— Neverwinter is an upcoming Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for the Microsoft Windows [More]
DAOC [008] Darkness Falls, Legion, Prinzen Blutsiegel Raid – Dark Age of Camelot Gameplay Let’s Play Ich zeige Darkness Falls, die Bosse, die Prinzen, Legion und einen Raid / Battlegroup die sich durchgekämpft. Die neue [More]
Vindictus Season 3 is here. But first, we must rush toward the final battle of Season 2…something I should have done a long time ago. ERINN HAS NO NEED FOR OUR MILK! TWITTER: FACEBOOK: [More]
HD 1080p available ! The Adventures of the Firebolg Timelot Part 6. DAOC Classic 2011The mighty hibernian forces get the relics out of the evil fortress of albion
Dc universe online FOS 3 gameplay with rage DPS hope you enjoy.
Ice Queen Freya is the new raid boss with the name-sake game update: Lineage II Freya. This video covers footage of a Freya raid and cutscenes, and also depicts some of the new armor sets.
Garden of Baphomet in Normal Mode in the SEA Open Beta made with a random group 3rd and Final Boss:Baphomet Skills: Scythe Attack – 1k~2k depends on defense, melee attack Black Whirlwind – DOT 1.5k [More]
Listen to the wolf’s howlin at the end of the video.. I find it hard to believe how impossible this raid was become. You and your party is going to die no matter what, and [More]
Back On Vindictus !!! Vindictus Gameplay Vella Dual Chains Kitsumimi & Harem wolfy ~ Vindictus Steampunk outfit Don’t Forget to Rate! Comment! And Subscribe if you Liked it! for More Daily Uploads ! Feel Free [More]
The guild and I prepare to take on the latest raid boss, Lavaset…only to find out one of our Fionas doesn’t have her shield…leading to a ridiculously slow (and funny) run. Enjoy 😀 This is [More]