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How is Vindictus in 2017? Vindictus is an instanced mmo released in 2010 developed and published by devCat Studios and Nexon. Originally under the name “Mabinogi Heroes”, it was, well obviously a prequel to their [More]
Here’s an in-depth review of Neverwinter the MMORPG from a new player’s perspective. Based on your suggestions, I dived into Neverwinter and made the journey from level 1-70 over the period of a month. Is [More]
Should You Play – Shade Edition, hope you enjoy, thanks for watching!
Gets ready to go to war in this universe of anarchy!
Review y primer vistaso del juego Tera online que ayer se estreno su primera Beta Cerrada.] el juego se estrena al público el 1 de mayo. ————————————— ►Música: (End) Two Steps From Hell – Blade [More]
DDO was released in 2006 and is the MMO Genre’s best implementation of D&D Rules. But does it’s graphics and gameplay stand the test of time? Maybe, depends on what you’re looking for in a [More]
● Let’s see if SWTOR is worth playing in 2017/2018. ● Discord – ● Subscribe now and support us! ● Twitch: ● Patreon: ● Official Website: ● Twitter: ● [More]
Welcome guys today we are playing/reviewing Wildstar we start with Character Creation and first mission in 2017 is this Free to play game good or bad? WildStar is a fantasy/science fiction massively multiplayer online role-playing [More]
So is Aion worth playing in 2017? Easy question to answer, right? Right. So, the Too Long Didn’t Watch version of this video is: Yes, Aion is worth playing in 2017. Now, if you want [More]
Amazing character creation, and you can fly. What more could you ask for in an MMO? Check out our first impressions, right here! Also: The correct release date of this game is November 2008 (a [More]
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Wildstar released June 3, 2014 and went f2p September 29, 2015. We gave this game some playtime recently and were pleasantly surprised!
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Der große Kampf hat begonnen: Und obwohl World of WarCraft erst drei Monate nach Everquest 2 in Deutschland erscheint, steht der Sieger schon fest. Doch sollten Sie den Nachfolger des erfolgreichen Online-Rollenspiels nicht links liegen [More]
Rift brought a lot of amazing things to the table when it was release and was quite enjoyable right out of the gate. So what has become of it in the last several years? We [More]
me bringing you ROM gameplay and a review it got a 9/10
Alganon Gameplay Review – First Impression (2017) Make sure you like and subscribe! If you found this video valuable, give it a like. If you know someone who needs to see it, share it. Leave [More]
Blade and Soul draws a lot of attention, and a lot of misjudgements, because of it’s hypersexualized character designs. But beyond the look of the game is a fun action-combat MMORPG that can charm the [More]
This is the Fallen Earth F2P review that i promised a long time ago. It is available on steam for Free!
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I almost hate good MMORPGs, they eat so much of your time and are so addictive. No matter how good they are, is it really worth it? Developed by Cryptic Studios Published by Perfect World [More]
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