RuneScape may be the biggest MMO that TheHiveLeader has never played. I think it’s time we change that with a two part series covering RuneScape! This is Part 2: New School or RuneScape 3 or [More]
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A suggestion for something nostalgic for me + a suggestion for another gameplay video = …
A little gameplay from Old School Servers early access from Friday. I didn’t even edit it just made it to show you how is it like. Still remember to vote for OSR servers here if [More]
Subscribe to our Channel! For over 10 years Jamie and I played a gamed called Ultima Online. We were members of a well respected guild, had a lot of in game friends, and [More]
Hey guys I’ve been playing nightmare zone since like the day it came out and I thought I would put together some tips and gameplay for you guys! As you may have noticed I gave [More]
Jagex decided to bring out old school servers for Runescape! Kootra and I played this game long, long, ago, so we decided we wanted to nostalgia in our pants for a bit. This is the [More]