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Link to the game if you’re interested in trying it – In this video NCSoft sponsored me to show you guys the new class that was recently added to the game, The devs are [More]
Video show Blade And Soul Revolution – 1st CBT All 4 Class Skill Gameplay Video Show 4 class : blader , fighter , axeman , manauser CBT on 6th december 2018 , new mobile game [More]
Vidéo premier avis sur le pourfendeur (Warden) de Blade And Soul. Dans cette vidéo je vous montre mes premiers pas, le gameplay de la classe et vous livre donc un premier avis. ► Soutiens la [More]
The game website : ( free to play ) Me playing against every class as blade master. And this isn’t really 4K, I just rendered it at 4K cause it looks better like this.
Blade & Soul M GamePlay & Trailer By NcSoft Support Channel: PayPal: Play Lineage 2 Revolution On PC & BlueStacks 3N Last Version: Buy Pc Game With 10%-80% Discount – Daily Android [More]
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Video show Blade And Soul 2 Gameplay Video Trailer Showcase 2018 by NCSoft , new version coming . blade and soul 2 is a mobile version Homepage : Pls Sub Like and Share thank [More]
● Blade & Soul is now available to play at – This video was made in association with NCSOFT, the publisher of Blade & Soul. Blade and Soul Gameplay Let’s Play (NEW WARDEN CLASS [More]
(ง’̀-‘́)ง SCROLL DOWN! (ง’̀-‘́)ง ⌖ This video is a sponsored look at the new Warden class. ⌖ Download and Play Blade & Soul: ⌖ Blade & Soul is a Free to Play Action MMORPG. [More]
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Thanks to SOUL’s MortaL for the opportunity to cast this insane gameplay – Be sure to check out and subscribe to his channel here if you haven’t already!! If you want to see more [More]
Vidéo premier avis sur le gunner de Blade And Soul. Dans cette vidéo je vous montre mes premiers pas, le gameplay de la classe et vous livre un premier avis. Si cette vidéo t’as plu [More]
A lot has changed since the last edition in April, so time to make a new one! I’m sorry its so long, but if you’re a new player, this will get you going FAST. Join [More]
After a year and a half of playing, I finally decide to review the game! Skip to 17:22 for the TL;DR! Join me on Discord: Thanks for watching 😀
Some gameplay video of blade and soul NA. As always thank you so much for visiting the channel, and thank you for giving me moment of your time. I really appreciate it a lot! Stay [More]
This is Gameplay of Soul Blade on the PS1 as played on a PS2 with texture smoothing on. Some people may not realize that before there was Soul Calibur, there was Soul Blade (aka Soul [More]
All voices are from Blade & Soul players, recorded during gameplay. Strong language and big earrape warning. @melodia kappa
La réaction à chaud après le test voici l’avis et impression, je vous présente le Gunneur avec son Gameplay plutôt original dans cet univers ! Dans cette vidéo, je réponds simplement à cette question, et [More]
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It’s been nearly three years since TheHiveLeader played Blade & Soul. Due to a oddly high number of request, Hive’s jumping back into the game to see if a second look could change his original [More]
The upcoming update of Blade & Soul will be release on the korean server at june 14th. Official site : Share, like and subscribe for more. Follow me on facebook
Sup dudes! 😀 Got the awesome opportunity to play BLADE & SOUL during the Tech Alpha Testing & I had such a great time with this game and wanted to share some of the First [More]
Cùng Diepzen tải nghiệm Blade and Soul đợt Closed Beta lần 4, kéo dài từ ngày 11 đến ngày 14/12/2015 ツ Game này phải nói quá hay, đoạn đầu cốt truyện EPIC không-thể-tả-nổi… một tựa [More]