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In the spirit of equality we men chose to allow Elyse to act as captain during this episode, then promptly ignored her orders and told her what to do. Please don’t call us feminist icons. [More]
Your Star Trek™ voyage continues with The Next Generation DLC. Learn more about new mission types, roles, and all new enemies. Playable in VR and non-VR. A NEW PLAYABLE SHIP: THE ENTERPRISE D The Enterprise [More]
My FIRST couple Star Trek: Bridge Crew multiplayer games. I play as captain in both. We lose, but boy we have a lot of fun. Subscribe Today! ► Follow me on Twitter ► [More]
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Star Trek Bridge Crew Multiplayer Gameplay on PSVR
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So, the Watson voice integration has finally dropped. And while it isn’t exactly what I was hoping for, sounds like others feel the same way, it is still pretty good for what it is. I [More]
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