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A tak chciałem nagrać coś o grze VIndictus, polecam tą gre i z checia bym coś jeszcze nagrał ale aktualnie słabo z czasem a i tak niestety nie ma w tej grze aż tak czesto [More]
6-Man Raid fighting the polar bear boss. Game is called Vindictus
Vindictus gameplay with my friend Reynold. Also, This is my first edited video so tell me how it is. The video ends at 10:20. I think something got moved when I was editing. Music: MMO [More]
Vindictus Class Gameplay. MMORPG Gunblade. Vindictus Playlist Leave a like and subscribe to show some support!
I’ve been leveling a Lynn in the Korean Test Server to try the new 2nd Weapon and here is some gameplay. This game has IP-Block in Korea, it’s a bit hard to play with a [More]
Halo semua, akhirnya bisa nostalgia juga sama game Vindictus ini. Ya ini game gw mainin pas taun 2012. Terus gw lanjut main yang versi Chinanya karena ga usah pake jamu-jamu segala :D. Game Vindictus ini [More]
I really love this game so i decided i will post a short game play of it. Also tell me how i did in that fight and enjoy my video 😀
Miri the Last Draker’s Gameplay and Unique Transformation!? More Information – KR | – EN Please LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE! Cheers! Follow and AMA on Facebook! Latest News and [More]
Couldn’t find any Teide gameplay in Neam on YouTube so I decided to upload my own. 4300 ad 86 spd 87 bal Atk/Crit capped
Pretty easy to lvl in the test server, you can see all the Miri skills in the video. Not playing Vindictus for long time but I think she’s really cool and fun to play. – [More]
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New Channel pls Sub to see more 🙂 : Mabinogi Heroes Vindictus has launch new class Hagie on KR sever , video gameplay and skill of him . Homepage : Pls Sub Like [More]
Facciamo la conoscenza di una simpatica guerriera rossa che ci farà compagnia in una delle prime quest del gioco… che gran team che siamo!
Game Play Of Vindictus by DevCAT an internal studio of Korean Free-to-Play game publisher of Nexon. I do not own this game. Song: Crossing Fields – Lisa Also known from the Anime Sword Art Online [More]
Vindictus gameplay 2017. EU. My vidictus Playlist Leave a like and subscribe to show some support! Computer specs i7 4770k @ 3.9ghz gpu : Nvidia gtx 780, 3 GB ram: 16 GB storage: 3250 [More]
Gameplay video on my Staff Evie doing the Titan battle quest.
THAT FAIL MUTE DOE… Second day of Arisha’s release on Vindictus NA – Level 44 My equipment: None. Just a level 39 spellsword. friendship emblem to make friends, hero belt to feel awesome, dawn ring [More]
Matando al oso gigante. Sigueme en facebook: Requisitos minimos Minimum Requirements CPU: Single Core 2.4 GHZ RAM: 512 MB Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 5xxx series or equivalent Operating System: Windows XP Hard Drive: 5 [More]
►► Achète tes jeux moins cher ! : ◄◄ On se retrouve sur Vindictus toujours avec ma jolie Arisha, accompagné d’une Lynn pour un donjon un peu particulier où nous allons avoir du boss [More]
Soloing Season 3 Chapter 2 Episode 2 Dungeon: The Devil’s Cook. Boss: Orlaith Difficulty of Boss: Hard 5/10 Tip: Crock pot slam, cooking weapon on fire ( Buffs Orlaith’s attack), and upside down spin attack. [More]
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Soloing Season 3 Chapter 2 Episode 2 Dungeon: Burning Vice. Boss: Hagan Difficulty of Boss: Normal 4/10 Tip: If you are familiar fighting against the Spear Instructor from S1, then you can defeat this boss [More]