Heute kann ich zwei Quests in Kingsmouth erledigen, der Pfarrer und die Wahrsagerin haben aber immer noch Jobs für mich. Yani im Web: http://yanispielt.wix.com/yanispielt#… Infos zum Spiel: http://www.thesecretworld.com/
Madame Rochet hat noch eine Aufgabe für mich, nebenbei mache ich zwei kleinere Nebenquests und kann wieder ein paar Skillpunkte verteilen. Yani im Web: http://yanispielt.wix.com/yanispielt#… Infos zum Spiel: http://www.thesecretworld.com/
Sheriff Andy hat noch etwas zu tun für mich und bei der Hauptquest komme ich auch ein Stück weiter. Yani im Web: http://yanispielt.wix.com/yanispielt#… Infos zum Spiel: http://www.thesecretworld.com/
Just another day in the world of secrets. Today’s installment begins our fun little investigation into what is happening at the mansion with all the ghosts. What will we find, watch and discover. This is [More]
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MapleStory 2 Adventures Part 3! Chibi Raid Army vs World Bosses – Goodbye FPS! Awesome boss mechanics. Ride, Hide, or Die! Like, Share, and Subscribe! Thank You! http://www.youtube.com/steparuTV Follow me on my Facebook with daily [More]
“Let’s Play Eve Online” kommentiertes Gameplay in German / Deutsch von d3xLP (2014). “Eve Online” Massively Multiplayer Online Sci-Fi Role Playing Game ( MMORPG ) von “CCP Games” veröffentlicht im Jahr 2003. Ihr wollt Eve [More]
This was fun. I’m recovering from a cold so my voice is off. Played 2013-01-06 7pm eastern
Bu anlatımı The Secret World oyunu hakkında bilgi almak isteyen ve özetle nasıl bir oyun olduğunu görmek isteyen arkadaşlarımız için çektim. Videoyu yorgun ve yoğun olduğum bir zamanda çektiğim için pek enerjik bir anlatım yapamadım [More]
My Tribute to The Secret World. In all honesty, it’s a fun game if you have a bunch of friends to spend time with, otherwise it really takes a hardcore interest in the genre. I’ve [More]
@jon_dealspwn demonstrates how The Secret World is still the most atmospheric MMORPG on the market… by freaking out every few seconds playing the ‘Parking Garage’ mission. At least the gutwrenching horror is sandwiched by disturbingly [More]
Here are 45 minutes of ingame footage from Funcoms upcoming MMORPG The Secret World. This video shows the whole Illuminati introduction until you arrive in Kingsmouth, the first large area you have to explore. After [More]
If you want to donate or tip me to help me out with creating new content please go here: https://streamtip.com/t/ratbirdchampion **PLEASE note the age of this video. The game has improved SO much since this [More]
Volvemos a esta mazmorra tras la paliza de la 1a vez, más ciclados que antes, y con ganas de tirar al último boss, en este gran juego… Tal vez no esté del todo bien depurado, [More]
Pilot Episode of the Secret World where our character Alec Shaw finds that he has gained extraordinary powers overnight. He is soon visited by the Illuminati who set him his first task, of finding the [More]
No monthly subscription! Play The Secret World here! – http://play.any.tv/SHr6 Storyline Part #1 – Introduction Getting to know the Illuminati. Still kind of confusing. Storyline gets interesting tho 🙂 0:23 At the Laundromat cutscene 3:51 [More]
Gameplay de este nuevo mmorpg en su versión beta.
A trailer showin goff the first gameplay from The secret World, Funcom’s upcoming MMORPG.
Welcome to one of my Secret World Beta coverage videos, I will be covering all aspects of the Beta from leveling to PvP to information you should know about in this vastly different MMORPG!Time to [More]
Tastygraph runs around in Transylvania and kicks butt… until he gets his butt kicked 😛 That zone is HARD! (for me at least… )
The Secret World auf Amazon.de kaufen: http://amzn.to/12k8tiD Wie spielt sich The Secret World Monate nach dem Spielstart? Wir haben das MMO über längere Zeit gespielt und zeigen, ob das Spiel auch heute noch Spaß macht. [More]