Terra Mystica Extended Gameplay

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A video outlining gameplay for the boardgame Terra Mystica. For more game info, http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/120677/terra-mystica

Part I: Gameplay Runthrough

Part II: Extended Gameplay

Part III: Final Thoughts


CrimsonVoid says:

Do you have the same problem with the words “orange” and “green” that I do?
I always mix them up for some reason.

Miguel Coronado says:

Are you sure that burning power allows you to recycle faster? Actually, you
need the same number of recycling movements to move a disk of power from
the bottom pool to the top (two movements). The only difference is that you
have less maximum power

Adam Dufty says:

Noticed an error that there were no annotations for. Around the 30 minute
mark while collecting your start of turn income, you forgot to gain 4 power
for your Wind Favor Tile.

Otherwise, an awesome look at this game. Time to add it to my list of games
to pick up.

Adam Schroeder says:

Couldn’t Jen have spent 4 to get 2 workers, turned her priest into another
worker giving her a total of 6, then used all 6 workers and 9 of her 12
dollars to build three Dwellings and then used her power to turn one into a
Trading Post? If so, she’d have two trading posts and three dwellings,
giving her a total of 7 and giving her a town. 

SmackleFunky says:

You can’t split up the terraforming spades across multiple tiles in a
single action, any excess just gets lost. There is 1 exception when using
the double spade action. But not when using workers

Also you can only terraform adjacent to one of your structures (which you
only break this rule when breaking the one above :))

rahdo says:

really? the rules for that bonus tile say “Get 2 additional Victory points
for each Spade when using them”, and while i got them in the 2nd turn, i
*used* them in the 3rd turn, so i should score them, no? oops about the
power… got that mixed up in my head 🙂

rahdo says:

yup, the names are the only text in the game 🙂

NixTheGeek says:

You get the bonus dig action, which should be used immediately before start
of the next round(I think this makes more sense since its hard to keep
track of all the dig actions), This is also mentioned in “Appendix III: The
Scoring Tiles” in rule book.

NixTheGeek says:

@4:15 you dont get points for shoveling because its a end of round bonus
and you get that immediately(which doesnt get counted for next round), @
5:23 jen gets 3 power for Losing 2 points(1 point less than the power she

rahdo says:

ouch omg! I knew i was remembering something wrong, but didn’t check the
manual long enough. i was so mortified about having to check at all 🙂 note
added, keep ’em coming!

rahdo says:

you’re right, no harm in adding a note for more clarity, though i think
this was one of the few things i did remember correctly! 🙂

NixTheGeek says:

@26:23 I think it should have been more clear that a town always comprises
of 4 buildings with total power value of 7(this used to be first timer
mistake which includes me 🙂 ) OR 3 buildings if one of them is a sanctuary
with total power value of 7 unless as mentioned by you can be 6 with
special temple bonus tile. Awesome walktrhough Richard, this is a very
tough game to cover and explain everything in the walkthrough.

Ryan Dodge says:

I think at the 14 minute mark Jen should get a couple points for the
trading post she has on the board when she passes…

rahdo says:

ah yes! okay, yeah i misread the rules, this line: “and apply them
immediately (in the play order of the next round)” – the ‘in the nexst
round’ part threw me into thinking it happened in the next round. which i
thought was very clumsy. yes, thanks for the correction, will add notes! 🙂

NixTheGeek says:

@18:50 Actually you get only 1 build action for the double dig you received
after using power.

rahdo says:

good eye! noted 🙂

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