Bajheera – WILDSTAR First-Look Gameplay (Part 1) – Granok Warrior Leveling

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Sup guys! 😀 Decided to play some WILDSTAR today and had a great time questing around, exploring the game, and am really excited to share my first experiences with you! 😀

Wildstar PvP definitely has its own unique feel, and was pretty enjoyable to play, even at such a low level 🙂 Looking forward to playing more in the future! 😀

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BajheeraWoW says:

Sup guys! 😀 Wanted to post a quick guide over some of my recommendations
for how to set up your Warrior for Level 14 PvP in WILDSTAR! 😀 – Bajheera
– WILDSTAR Level 14 Warrior PvP Build – Abilities, AMP, & Options 

BajheeraWoW says:

Sup guys! 😀 Decided to play some WILDSTAR today and had a great time
questing around, exploring the game, and am really excited to share my
first experiences with you! :D

Shawn Kale says:

Another YouTuber paid by Wildstar to promote the game!

Iron Man says:

Wat’s the warning music you use for the subs?

Генрих says:

Those skinny legs. Jeez.

ShyGuyFTW says:

what realm do you play on Bajheera?

julian59132 says:

Hey guys, I’ve got a question for you: Esper is not too hard to play in hl
This class is not moveable like the spellslinger.
I hope you’ll understand me.
PS: I’m not american/ english

Jeff Houk says:

so I’m debating between eso, wildstar, or wow which one do you think is
worth it the most?

Thamriyell WoW says:

Hey Baj, did you have a hard time signing into the game initially? I think
people had a hard time signing in on the launch day and jw if you
experienced the same thing

jacky welsom says:

Bajheera – WILDSTAR First-Look Gameplay (Part 1) – Granok Warrior Leveling

Kon TumMaDa says:

Seems Boring to me 

Conkerz says:

Hell yeah dude, Wildstar is awesome. Wish you went Dominion but good luck
with your adventure! 

TastycakesLol says:

Such a fantastic game so far. Every ten levels it’s interesting how much
more complex it gets, glad you enjoy it so much. I’m on your server… not
exile though!

Chi Chi Vladinski says:

Looks fun:)

moyga says:

hahahaha I loved the raging about the dominion. 

Reece Payne says:

I think you should convince Jenny to start streaming ^^ I’d love to see her
perspective of this.

kronoff317 says:

Hey baj, you should do a review of the game. I know this kind of is…but
ya know what I mean. I’m torn if I should try this. Looks fun, but it looks
so cartoony, yet WoW wont have new stuff for MONTHS to come which kills me

TheHaganenotenshi says:

dat epic baj beard.

kill all the dominion baj!!!!!

beard slap them!!!!

YallowBarfia says:

attack on titan music blasting out of nowhere haha awesome.

Whatastic says:

that magnificent beard, man

879doogie says:

great video.
CHUAs for the win……LOL

Colin Crawford says:

what server is he on?

Stan Static says:

Your beard… Never shave it, please.

Naga Gaming says:

so since when does bajheera wear a bane mask?

MikitheCCfans says:

So, I don’t know if I should buy this game or not. I played GW2 and liked
it a lot. Anyone who can tell me if it is worth the money?

blueblur02 says:

Man as much as I want to play this game….


Kerem Özger says:

saw most of them in your stream, great vid

zyphal says:

LOOK AT THE BEARD!!! I’ve died and gone to Heaven…

Alec Garcia says:

I don’t understand how people dislike your videos they are the best. I’m
downloading the deluxe edition now hope I run into you while playing :P

krisis 92 says:

I actually clicked “quit” on itunes when it popped up! lmfao but thinking
about trying this game out. looks cool

touchtosti says:

Back from london

Bliss says:

The game is really bad.

Kou Dex says:

The one thing I love about Wildstar is that Cleave system. I want to buy
Combat Rogue in WoW got dat sexy cleave damage. :3

iMoxy Gaming says:

the narrator in this game so funny lol

Idriss bouchenne says:

Really loving the environment in this game.

Kichwas Selassie says:

I Love the iTunes popup in the beginning…
In an “I feel your annoyance” sort of way…

Annoying ‘I am clearly more important than anything else you could possibly
be doing with this computer’ update spam…

Mandolin Jam says:

Glad I checked this out I almost got this at the store glad I didn’t.

DaantjeXBOX720 says:

Yoyoyo I am hyped

Wooden Kites Are Fabulous says:

im LOVING wildstar! hope it’s just as awesome later on

BlueDrakilicious says:

omg i just realized ITS BAJHEERA DOING THIS REVIEW!?!! 😀 😀 😀 :D

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