Bajheera – WILDSTAR: Level 19 Granok Warrior PvP – Wildstar PvP Gameplay

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Sup guys! 😀 Been leveling up my crafting and working on setting my Level 19 Warrior (scaled to 29 for PvP) with as many pieces of PvP gear as possible 😀 Having a lot of fun tearing it up in BG’s with viewers and wanted to share some of the fun with you! 😀

So far this game has been a blast and I’m really enjoying the PvP in particular, so definitely look out for more Wildstar in the future! 😀

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BajheeraWoW says:

Sup guys! 😀 Been leveling up my crafting and working on setting my Level
19 Warrior (scaled to 29 for PvP) with as many pieces of PvP gear as
possible 😀 Having a lot of fun tearing it up in BG’s with viewers and
wanted to share some of the fun with you! 😀 

Original says:

Is there a free trial for this? Don’t wanna waste a ton of money for

Ferni says:

Them telegraphs are a disaster. seems fluid tho just way too much shit
happening at the same time that visibly you can understand thanks to the

Conkerz says:

Running to mid up top isn’t always the most amount of people unless the
flag spawns there. You can see where it spawns before you hit the bridge,
its either at the three spots at bottom or up top. Go to where the flag is,
that is where you’ll find the battle.

Kortney Fant says:

games keep trying to be like wow but some are successful some are not but
if you look at the statistics wow will always remain the great mmo game no
matter how bad it is 

MsDJ619 says:

the pvp is bad.

Aneel Kana says:

Hey Bahjeera before I deleted Wildstar because it was glitching out i ahd
the same keybinds as you with the mouse wheels but now when i try to use it
again it doesn’t work. Could you or someone else tell my why? 

JoecashT says:

Nice game, and nice beard bro

Walker2112 says:

So you are a weapon smith a miner, and an armor smith at once?

Duc Vu says:

ey bajh sick vids, i got to ur channel for wildstar vids most of the time.
im getting the mmo itch what do you suggest wow or wildstar atm?

jesterapp says:

this pvp looks extremely disorganized and sloppy

Bane Thunder God says:

It’s all subjective. WoW IMO is still the best and most fun mmo of all. I’m
not subbed ATM cause I’m waiting for Warlords. But there’s a reason WoW has
the most paid subs of all mmos. U might think its a bad game but ur fooling
yourself if u think ur in the majority. Ur in the minority which are the
haters of WoW. 7mil+ paid subs outweighs the small group of haters. I’m
enjoyin Wildstar but it won’t replace WoW. Currently also playin Destiny
alpha on my ps4 so damn fun.

Dark Blurr says:

I still dont like the telegraph animations, in wow telegraphed moves (Cone
of cold for example) do not show a giantic red or green
square/rectangle/triangle. It shows the spell and most people can
approximate where to stand by seeing the snow animation of cone of cold. So
why cant wildstar do this? Im tired of these stupid fucking telegraphs.
L2spells correctly Wildstar

AliGatorSix says:

Anyone have a guest pass i can have?

YELAAFTW o.O says:

How do you get that shiny armor!?

Chad Juliano says:

too bad everyone is equalized in bgs lol so all those stats are pointless

Ace Gaming says:

We got to hit up some bg’s man me on spellslinger, my damage is to much and
always top damage and kills. We on the same server, so what’s up? Check out
my spellslinger vids

g0lden sparkelz says:

Want MORE wildstar take a look at my channel thank you :)

Taidana Kalashnikov says:

keep up the wildstar vids!!!!!! 

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z says:

1:30 Klinda mode activated

Appy Said says:

You should change your name to BajheeraWoWStar :P

DarkprinceCs says:

First mmo where i prefer pve. 

TheHaganenotenshi says:

gonna be a granok warrior as soon as i get this game, your gear looks

Corey Gilarno says:

you still playing wildstar?? we need role models…

N Á S says:

You know, would be nice to see you pvpin WITHOUT someone always on your
arse healing you all the time….

Samuel Leblanc says:

What server are you playing Baj ? Btw great vid 🙂

F4c2a says:

Level 19 and it’s already crazy effect-fest. I wish MMO’s would strive to
simple UI’s and simple effects. WoW got it great. Guild Wars 2 same thing,
level5 and it’s like a disco stu. It’s not a matter of taste for me, I just
suck at multitasking so all that shit confuses me.

Tom Youngblood says:

Is this basically twinking?

CorvohTV PVP says:

Hey baj I was wondering if you still do video submissions and also I am in
your Wildstar guild and was hoping you and I could do some arenas once your
max level. Love your work man and you have been the biggest inspiration to
me to do something I’m passionate about. See you on the stream and in game

Jeremy Diaz says:

Dude your guy look beast !

Hashirama Senju says:

Most people talking shit about wildstar without even playing it, same
people that feel frustrated when a random person talks shit about their
game without even playing it…

RepzGaming says:

baj i recomend u not to get low lvl pvp gear just start buying your lvl50
set u will stomp once u hit 50 and u already have your full set low lvl pvp
gear is a waste of prestige

Giovanni Verbist says:

does wildstar work on mac?

Gilbert Polanco says:

Your keyboard layout for your keys grabs my attention but how do u go about
zooming in or out or u just dont?

PhillyKid20 says:

Baj you should get the detonate Amp funniest pvp amp ever for warriors

Reckless Flamingo says:

Anyone have a guest pass i can have?

Jorge Contreras says:

Keeping you up with those esper heals! 

clingaa says:

anyone have a guest pass!? I want to try this game out!

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