Bajheera – Wildstar PvP: Level 14 Granok Warrior BG! :D – Wildstar Open Beta Gameplay

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Sup guys! 😀 Decided to play some WILDSTAR today and had a great time questing around, exploring the game, and even hopped into some PvP on my Granok Warrior 😀

Wildstar PvP definitely has its own unique feel, and was pretty enjoyable to play, even at such a low level 🙂 Looking forward to playing more in the future! 😀

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BajheeraWoW says:

Sup guys! 😀 Decided to play some WILDSTAR today and had a great time
questing around, exploring the game, and even hopped into some PvP on my
Granok Warrior 😀 

BajheeraWoW says:

Sup guys! 😀 Wanted to post a quick guide over some of my recommendations
for how to set up your Warrior for Level 14 PvP in WILDSTAR! 😀 – Bajheera
– WILDSTAR Level 14 Warrior PvP Build – Abilities, AMP, & Options 

Alex Blex says:

I tried it… Damn this game sucks lol. ( It’s actually one of the worst I
have played in ages. ) The quests are terribly bad, the characters shallow
and the medics run around with fking hospital equipment. This game is a
joke. I uninstalled at lvl 8. And yeah I played WoW for ages years ago. ^^
Maybe it gets better after you invested countless of hours into it. But
thats where WoW is different. It was fun from the beginning because it
wasn’t just a copy…. ( which it literally is. everything of it except for
the active combat system which doesn’t cut it at all. If all I want is
skillful pvp I go play a moba where I dont have to grind for months and
months to compete… )

I tried PvP at lvl 8 and I dunno what you are talking about dude. Do you
get money for advertising? It’s the exact mess that you see here… It
doesnt feel any different playing it.

And yeah I was like: This is exactly like WoW just worse…
Well just another mmorpg which is gonna sink into nothingness in no time.
All big streamers stopped after a few days of playing because its so bad.
As Trump said: “Been there, done that.”

I guess people who like it just dont know any other game to play. ^^ Id
prolly like it too if I’d still play WoW after ten years ;D But then Im not
into relationships with games…

Zadentai says:

Meh,I like it.

Conkerz says:

You should definitely give this game a chance on release man. Not much
happening in WoW as its the end of the expansion and WoD won’t be released
for another 6 months. I think this mmo can be really good.

Horus Orich says:

Well, at least I got to see it’s PvP, still looking forward to more of your
WoW vids

John Connor says:

Damage is too low, health is too high, spamming that one ability over and
over. If you like spending 2 minutes attacking one guy before they die then
this is the game for you!

Clayton WoW says:


RucaMad says:

That game looks like poop

Shimura Shinpachi says:

Graphics kinda remind me of something I can’t remember, not really wow so
much but on a more fantasy/colorful/cartoonish-animated? Level. PvP looks
more like swtor or DCUO kind of style though. Doesn’t look too bad but not
too interesting either.

Shiu Gen says:

Looks awful. The pvp is really spamy with all these coloured boxes all over
the place…

Travis Monk says:

Thought they were saying “Has picked up booty pass ” til the end there.
Love to see more wild star

Pwent says:

so you’re going to subscribe to wildstar Baj? I’m thinking about it…

Kyle Steven says:

That looks really fun.. Holy

Grinch Pants says:

Baj a tip get the Bijiplates Addon makes it alot easier to see the diffrent
targets, I play the game myself and have done so in a long time. That addon
is great strongly recommend it.

threeflip911 says:

this looks awful. not baj, but the game.

Garrin Penny says:

this game look eipc 

Dalaran Gaming says:

I liked the PvP aspect of the game, I liked the responsiveness of it, but I
can see how it can become all about watching the ground for blue and red
markings on the ground. Am I really watching the game or am I watching the
ground is the question. 

LDNLeon says:

it looks like a cluster fuck

Jugabaloo73 says:

Big daddy baj wrecking wildstar scrubs!

homeandalone says:

omg this looks terrible..

picazoevo says:

Amazing vid man looks like an awesome game

David Huffman says:

Ugh, I was hoping this would be different. Just spam aoe, no color
coordination for classes.. just looks like a mess.

Amyas80s says:

What server are you on? picked this game up for my wife last night.

Shiu Gen says:

Looks awful. The pvp is really spamy with all these coloured boxes all over
the place…

Robert Smith says:

Ugly graphics, minimal customization, boring story line, retarded looking
pvp. No thanks. This game looks like a flop.

Roy Heerdink says:

WoW lost my attention ever since they added so much HP to characters in
comparison to the DPS that it is almost impossible to kill someone,
especially when they are healers.

Now it looks like this game has this same boring long fights where it is
very hard or taking ages to kill one another. I hope it’s different on
endgame pvp? Is it?

Still considering whether I should get it or not.

John Doe says:

1:09 Looks more like a laser dance show than combat.

Il pilgrim says:

Meh game Looks clunky but funny to watch you smash fools lol

Deemoonn says:

looks boring. gw2 is better and b2p.

Trolololeos says:

Why are all of you ugly nerds putting your faces on your videos now?

kenz0r1337 says:

I love this game. I decided on playing a Warrior yesterday. I tried
Stalker, Warrior, Medic. Warrior suits my playstyle best – cleave all the

Njoy32Gaming says:

U need to get higher level, warrior starts to shine at higher level with
the new abilities like Tremor, breaching strike and so on. Warrior amps are
rly crazy too 😀 

The Bandit says:

Baj, I reckon once you get to level 50, get PVP gear and look like a
complete bad ass I feel like you will love this game…

I could only imagine you in warplots 40v40 owning everyone. It is one of
those games where you have to make it past the miserable first 18 levels
then it starts to feel real good when leveling. Hope you make it to 50 :)

super bad ninja yo waddup homie says:

is this game free to play? If it is I might try it.

Giorotto says:

what realm do you play on baj?? 

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