Exclusive WildStar Gameplay Part 1 – Mechari Warrior With Soldier Path [1080p]

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Exclusive WildStar Gameplay Part 1 – Mechari Warrior With Soldier Path [HD]

Exclusive 1080p WildStar gameplay from E3 2013 featuring a mechari warrior playing the soldier path.

Developer: Carbine Studios

Release: TBA


Platform: PC

Publisher: NCSoft

Website: www.wildstar-online.com www.carbinestudios.com www.ncsoft.com


WildStar is an upcoming science fiction MMORPG developed by NCsoft’s Southern California-based Carbine Studios.


This Gamebreaker video will show you:

– Race: Mechari
– Class: Warrior
– Path: Soldier


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Dylan Kupetsky says:

Really? You guys think THIS is better than ESO?

Everything in this game looks awful, yet it gets 100x less hate than ESO,
and ESO is really good and different but because it’s different everybody
hates it and won’t even try it.

ShoZiNn says:

Wtf, this game is too overrated.
Looks like an evolution of RuneScape.
Bad game, looks awful, can’t belive people are waiting for this.

freakmaus says:

ewwww….10y old engine or wtf is that?!? cheap wow clone….nothin more.
makes me puke when i see that graphics.

Temo Gurchiani says:

that hero is like sven from Dota 2 ^^

Malacus1337 says:

Is that final graphics? I hope not

Crystal Mask says:


Hantels says:

WoW copy x1000

Jahimmy says:

a perfect game for children


Ratchet & Clank Online

Gorm Stenhaug Lande says:

Dragons prophet os best 

iMadez says:

Is WildStar Online Or not?

MsDJ619 says:

why warriors not fluid in this game

sadadda says:

lol that walk animation!

mobsplif says:

this looks way better than wow ever was.

Юрий Бодров says:

ты зачем свинку удил УЕБОК?

iMadez says:

Is this Only?

MsDJ619 says:

no shield cmon that would be badass for warriros

Dex Prime says:

This looks allot like WOW…you even start in the barrens.

Diaian No Densetsu says:

it plays, looks and feels like world of warcraft.

nope, i’ll pass.

RaZ VaN says:

you guys are saying this looks like WoW …well OFC IT DOES its another MMO
,WoW has its own flaws so other companies should focus on making a better
MMO dont bring that crap with “We want something NEW” because you have to
create a new type of game and play style to call it “New” and you wont be
satisfied with that .

Lukas Wayne says:

looks like shit

aiden7156 says:

lol i might give this a try if it goes buy the game with no sub or f2p. for
sure not worth a monthly sub. 

Berlincitysen says:

I Want a Beta Key ., my friend with his crap PC got one last friday and has
only sign up 2 weeks ago and i with my high end pc sign up nearly a half
year ago and got nothing. Fuck System -,-

tony tran says:

This game is too hard to run on my computer 🙁 and i keep d/cing

Nat Howe says:

The setting looks sooo much like WoW! Colours, Ui and everything. I enjoy
MMO’s but i am very unsure of Wildstar..

mrdrebin123 says:

bad quality video.

tehXofficialremix says:

just play wow

townley says:

Guys look up newer videos, and btw this guy sucks :S

kinoshkiwa says:

the combat system just don’t seem fun. I know this is just the start of the
game but still…I’ll keep watching and I might change my views on this

Hakan Hervenik says:


Nickeoli Stephens says:

wow… this looks like shit :l

Shadow says:

Just got my code today for closed beta! Cant wait :D

ProTrolly says:

Game look’s slow of is it just the player

ravex says:

looks boring as fuck

NitroCereal says:

looks super boring

Evgeniy Grinev says:

seriously?? this game relise in 2013-14? is it joke? look at TESO or

icesaar says:

from this video i did not understand are there normal attacks in this game
or not? yea i know its sounds dumb but i really cannot understand please
help :)

Maar Meel says:

Aaaaar I allways try to w:a:s:d in does videos o_0 Can’t wait to play
the sheeeeet out of this pice of software^^

xShadow Claw says:

I’m not really that kind of person that goes around and says “wow clone!”
on every MMO i see (like a lot of MMO players -.-) but the graphics and the
way it’s set up just screams wow. Don’t get me wrong i’m not saying that’s
a bad thing, ok? Most devs on this game is ex-devs on wow.
I also though it reminded me a lot of ratchet and clank. But i don’t like
the point and click system. that’s boring. And the quests are like “kill 10
of that” and “talk to this npc”. Not trying to hate, just my opinion. I
will choose eso over this

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