HIGHLIGHTS – Wildstar SPELLSLINGER Livestream: Gameplay Mechanics, Spells, PvP + Healing

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Some highlights I pulled from the Wildstar Spellslinger class livestream yesterday. Sorry for being a bit late on this, I just completely passed out yesterday. I think the Spellslinger is going to be a very high skillcap class based on what I’ve seen from it thus far. It’s very mobile and has extremely active combat. Their toggleable innate ability “Spell Surge” is going to add a lot of skill to the class. Tack on all the mobility and you’ve got a class that will require you to make a lot of decisions.

Link to full uncut Wildstar Spellslinger livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/wildstar/b/482387573
Link to more info about the Spellslinger: http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/the-game/classes/spellslinger.php

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dawgyv72 says:

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just getting a little too old for MMORPG’s. I
couldn’t make it past an hour of the beta for ESO or this. I never thought
I’d say I feel to old for this stuff :/

Takashi Kenichi says:

Details on addons?

Lil' Milky says:

If I do end up buying Wildstar I am thinking of making a Medic but what I
am looking for is a healer with lots of control, survival, and mobility.
Which of the 3 healer classes have these?

TreeFolkDruid says:

i dunno why, but i cant download addons to wildstar 🙁 dont know where i
should put the addon, in which folder. i switched from (C:) to (D:) and
wonder if this can have something to do with it.

TheUniqueLollipop says:

Well if Square Enix can do livestreams like every week updating players of
FF14 ARR then Carbine can with Wildstar

maridian says:

what path did you say you took with this character? 

crazycamz13 says:

u cant see weapons when ur not fighting??? that kinda sux 🙁 cause i wanna
have big SHINY weapons :D:D:D or is that gonna be fixed? or maybe its a

Emma Berg says:

sick clip!!!!

MrTechFox says:


Ryan Martin says:

What HUD addon is that? I want it bad

uSiphix says:

This will be my class…this will be the one for me, my main, my lemon, my
apple pie

Noyze says:

They didn’t even demonstrate SS Healers. I hope they balance it out, it
seems great in PVP but not as good in PvE. I think they also overrate SS
movement too. Medics are mobile too but produce alot more aoe heals. I
mean, who cares if you’re more mobile then a PVE encounter can produce?
What matters is how efficient you can keep up a group assuming you have
equal skill. I haven’t played a Esper healer though.

Marcus Carvalho says:

Bar, and Enemy healh bar addons name plz

Giluu7 says:

Please, make the game as hard as possible. Don’t want any more LFR
bull-crap were you go afk and you the group clears the end game content for

gilgamesh rathat says:

the game cost 60 dollars but if there any race in the game that you have to
pay xtra money for a some races like in elder scrolls online you have to
pay xtra money for the imperial race but like that in wildstar that some
races you have to pay xtra for?

g2adiscount.com says:

Wildstar pre-order is finally live! Get it for the lowest price at G2A:
http://goo.gl/Ca2T2m Use a free discount code from http://www.g2adiscount.com to
lower the price even more!

Yo Giz says:

The Planetside 2 Dev do live streams once a month to give updates on the
game and doing Q/As, I feel if a company does this it make their community
much stronger and not in the dark.

TheParaxore says:

People need to stop asking game devs to reinvent the wheel, WoW isn’t
boring because its getting old or is bad now, its bad because ever since
WotlK Blizzard ruined the games accomplishment level by makeing it so easy.
With the dungeon que guess what? No one is forced to actually band togather
and meet new people to actually do dungeons, thus the great experiences
aren’t there anymore, you might as well be playing with bots when you use
the Dque no one matters and no one cares, not to mention if you actually
like someone in the group guess what? ITS CROSS SERVER. So good luck
playing with them in your own realm.

Also gear is so easy to get now because dungeons and raids are so easy you
never feel like you can distienguish yourself from the average joe schmoe
who plays 2 hours a day just because you have amazing gear. I remember back
in BC seeing people with Tier 2 gear and thinking they were badass and gave
me something to aspire too, then later when I was the one with the gear I
felt so accomplished from all the effort I had to put in.

Games don’t need to change WoW’s formula they need to improve from the
original one that made the game amazing and go back to the roots, and sorry
to say this but stop catering to casual players.

MrT says:

Okay..Can you guys just release already, i see you guys having fun all the
time talking about it, beta is a joke, no invites? Beta should be for

Ryan McLaughlin says:

Facepalm.jpg @ “telegraphed” skills in a game where the monsters are pretty
much stationary the entire battle. No thanks. Boring.

Jcizzle210 says:

2:21 I really wish this game could be released now. I was big into WoW
during Vanilla+TBC, and well all the expansions. But Vanilla+TBC were the
best. I remember, creating my very first character. A Gnome Mage. The
starting zone was simple, full of snow, full of players, and the landscape
was beautiful (as this one is at 2:21). My strongest memories lie within
WoW and all of my great times. But over the years WoW has went downhill,
and faded out. I am in need of something new, something refreshing, and
something to bring me those memories that WoW once did. I personally,
cannot wait for WildStar Online.

Mike Alexas says:

GW2 ripoff with shitty graphics worse than wow

Carlos Macias says:

I still think this system is going to suck for melee , if i feel the
warrior in too much of a disadvantage , not playing it.

All Of You Just Got Trolled says:

Probably don’t know most developers from most games, is because they are
all anti-social, and introverted as fuck.

((KamiKaZe)) says:

love this game

ZybakTV, Ultimate Wildstar Source + Random Games says:

Be sure to follow me on Google+ to get my videos more reliably! I don’t
care if you NEVER use it again but just be sure to follow all of your
favorite YouTubers so the sub box will work better for you.

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uSiphix says:

Oh hey…they managed to get my question xD

Magesterylol Vila says:

Its like World of Warcraft with update visual style but sucky UI and other

siegedelux says:

*TROLLFACE*. Lol, loved it.

ZybakTV, Ultimate Wildstar Source + Random Games says:

Highlights from the #Wildstar Spellslinger reveal! They showed off some
pretty cool stuff! http://youtu.be/H6PBmzHxp7c

tria trianta says:

i don’t think that this is pvp but more like pve

Ichiko Sakura says:

game looks like *The Secret World*

handsome jack says:

my class at launch aurin spelllslinger ftw

Berlincitysen says:

I Want a Beta Key ., my friend with his crap PC got one last friday and has
only sign up 2 weeks ago and i with my high end pc sign up nearly a half
year ago and got nothing. Fuck System -,-

jesse gallagher says:

This came looks exactly like every other mmo ive ever played, i dont
understand why everyone is freaking out about it. They added weird shapes
to aoe patterns and they make it seem like its actually a big deal. This
looks so wow with slower combat, that style of mmo is getting so old.

niv skillsurf says:

definitely going to play a spellslinger. i absolutely loved the mercenary
from swtor and the spellslinger looks to be quite similar.
thanks for the highlight video :)

Engineer says:

Well gentlemen, looks like they finally hired me for this game. see you

felippesponton says:


David Miettunen says:

you skipped the best question, my question :(((

WasaNic says:

Really appreciate these highlight videos, thanks zybak. I usually don’t
have time to watch the actual livestream so this is very nice. And I agree
about what you said about knowing the devs, I think it adds a lot to the

Dynnen says:

Looks interesting. Still don’t know how pvp is going to work in the game.
After playing ESO and expecting it to be garbage, they blew my mind by
having the best parts of Dark Age of Camelot’s ‘rvr’ system copy and pasted
into their game. Really excited about that now. Wildstar needs to put some
pvp info out quickly

eraxhog says:

Looks cool

TheValkyron says:

zybak change your name back, it’s ridiculous 🙂 

Derreck Hutchinson says:

Yo go to the wildstar class drop on their website and pause after the
reveal and they have a scene with all six classes on the screen! dead
serious at 0:30

r0flc0pterl0l says:

22:50 beast…………

ProStandard636 says:

i got an invite to the ESO beta sadly my PC broke like a month ago so i was
trying to download the beta on my mac …. little did i know the beta isnt
mac compatible
what did i learn kids …. dont buy a apple computer
plus they overprice apple computer just because they are an apple product…
what else did i learn ….nothing…. nothing at all :(

MMORPG Gaamer says:

Dont tell me that you can only equip 8 skills at a time cause thats wht I
mostly hated in guild wars 2 :(

Veloxis .larsson says:

Think this will just be Another fail game that starts with sub mode and
then go free to play. Not saying the game its self is bad just getting the
feeling it will turn out like this you play it for like 2-3 months then you
get bored.

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