HIGHLIGHTS – Wildstar Warrior Livestream: Gameplay Mechanics, Abilities, Amp System + Talents

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Some highlights I pulled from the Wildstar Warrior Livestream from yesterday. I’m SUPER excited after seeing all the progress they made in this beta build from the last one! I get more and more excited after every single video/stream! I edited together a few of the things that I thought you guys would enjoy and cut out some of most of the obvious things. I focused mainly on showing core gameplay stuff since that’s what I figured you guys would be most interested in. Here’s the link to the full stream if you are interested in seeing everything talked about.


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Scott Tassile says:

Why does everyone in the MMO genre bitch so much, sweet lord…

Tasos Kanellas says:

game looks bad.. nothing new to the mmo genre.. too stale

EnigMatiC says:

Everquest Next is the only MMORPG that is really going next-gen, this is

Ark Kyan says:

god that guy is fucking annoying

Hyooga says:

The 2 mog…ehm mobs in the beginning are the biggest and most direct “fuck
you” from Wildstar to WoW. Silly Devs

Ken Havens says:

This isn’t a holy trinity game. looks like every class can tank and groups
will zerg content.

Skynet says:

anybody knows how big map is ? is it at least half of azeroth ?

Bailey J says:

Is this game going to be like wow, in that there is no load screen between
zones? As in you can freely travel from 1 end of said continent to the
other without having to go though a transition area or load screen????

Samuel Roddis says:

I played the beta weekend and i have to say that the gameplay is really
cool and it gives the game an edge over other MMO’s with its action style

Aron Soumete says:

is it me or do the warriors feel sort of weak? Idk how well they scale into
endgame but as of 20 they seem a bit meh….

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Jacob Lanoix says:

Disappointed by this game, Waiting for ever quest next with the building
stuff, but for now sticking to elder scrolls online.

ironmike092471 says:

Don’t like the art style.

joe russo says:

is this f2p?

uSiphix says:

Retake last comment, impressed again…I don’t know I have mixed emotions
about this game right now

Razatiger Ault says:

i was really down for this game, but the game play looks kind of slow, in
terms of killing monsters. I think i am actually looking for word to the
wow expansion. haven’t felt that way in a while

David Skinner says:

it looks exactly like wow only a little faster

GG123 says:

I want in beta D’;

IpostyFun says:

Need better sound effects

Firstweqew Lastqewqeq says:

Finally an mmorpg that listens to feedback from the community and doesn’t
take forever to respond.

Guilty Spark says:

Blade & Soul looks next gen compared to wildstar…and i dont mean about
graphics with i quite like…

Matt Dillon says:

Telegraph looks terrible, wont be playing. -_-

nymx says:

if borderlands made an mmo this game will go down the drain 

Luis Leon says:

That sword sounds like a swinging stick that isn’t even hitting anything,
just a really bad sound that makes the combat seem fake.

Make592 says:

This looks something like Battlefield Heroes. I guess it’s meant for 7 y/o

CBMaster2 says:

telegraph is gonna get repetitive real fucking quick

Fantana Cristi says:

Hi , i also got a closed beta key but when i log into game it says : No
realms are available at this time , what should i do ? 

bonkers howlingmad says:

lolololol looks crap

TikiShootah says:

lmao another point click and wait mmo. they spent all that money for

Leoqal says:

You guys cant really judge the game on a clip, play it for yourself!

Guus Derickx says:

This looks fucking generic

Kiwalok says:

i got one question for you guys.

– In this game, will it be possibel to use key-bindings?

ATrueLegend99 says:

this game looks terribly boring

xEnderxLoneWolf says:

Ok i understand this… but why have a telegraph in the game MMOs are about
guessing where attacks are going to go

Tannasta says:

Thanks for making a Highlight video.

nymx says:

did that warrior only have one ability? 

SooperBeez says:

What is wildstar doing about releasing the next WoW exp same time wildstar
comes out? maybe u guys should bring your game out faster because ppl are
gonna dedicate to wow more.

Rafiq Awad says:

╭╬╮ ◢
▁╭▅▆▇□□█▇▆▅▄▃▂▁(╳)█╮ Air support is here,Bob.
╙O ╙O

TheQuantumSeven says:

Those warrior ability sound effects are the most pussy-ass sounding sound
effects I’ve ever heard. It sounds like you’re swinging a baseball bat
through air. And overall, the game just doesn’t look immersing and really
looks kind of bland. 

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