WildStar Beta Gameplay – Exile Starting Area – Look See!

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WildStar Beta Gameplay – Look See! Recorded Live @ http://www.twitch.tv/unitlost

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Trisdino says:

staring area?

I presume that you meant “starting”, but whatever the case, that is a
rather amusing typo, a place where exiles just stand around staring at each

MurraySwe says:

Apparently youtube doesn’t want me to watch this because I keep buffering
and it never ends.

hal fryer says:

I think the exile starting section is better, but the dominion seem better

Tobias Olofsson says:

Will you guys play Archeage?

Jacob Fairchild says:

The 4 minutes you spent freaking out about the “eye clamp” jesus that was
annoying lol

Me Catalin says:

fuck it! im pre-ordering this bitch in the deluxe edition, i was gonna w8
and see what the other upcomming games are like, but just fuck it

emikochan13 says:

Doesn’t want to work for me either, maybe it’s too big :p

Kegs says:

This looks like Nerf online battle arena mmo world of warcraft simulator
from a previous level of bad.

JokerPoker5RP says:

Where is my dose of X-com boys? Addict gets angry after 5 days…

Unit Lost - Great British Gaming says:

Live Look See! #WildStar Beta Gameplay – Exile Staring Area

Xellous Lingefelter says:

i think it would be a great mmo but i am soooo burned out on mmos that i
probably wont be give this game a fair chance

MetaPat says:

2:30 dropped instantly 

ourorboros2 says:

first fract, then this, glad i subbed, keep up the good work.

Hazz says:

What headphones are they?

The Sleepy Toast says:

16:38 he says my pure name

1ThePowner says:

Come on guys, where is civ?!

GearGrinder308 says:

Am I the only one who gets playback error? (I’m using and ipad)

xZSweetZx says:

How come this video isn’t working?

Tichondrius1 says:

Come on bitch why won’t you run in 720p!

Bren Kyes says:


I tell your player to force it to 360P to watch it, it does not take it
into effect. I reload it it still does not load it correctly at my desired
settings. and for every few minutes I try to forward through this video you
hit me with another advertisement. Pure and simple you are ruining people’s
content with horrible pre sets. Can you please save my settings for videos
or are you all thinking everyone has Google fiber?


Seriously disappointed with Google right now.

immortalis1001 says:

People still play this game?

TheZorginator1 says:

Filthy exiles, the dominion will rule all.

Ravenpixo says:

Music of WIldstar is awsome.

Ravenpixo says:

This looks great. I agree. I’m not rich by any means, i’m a student. And
paying monthly is the best option ofr a quality mmorpg. I have no problem
with it. If you don’t intend to spend a lot of time on the game, then
MMORPG is not for you, and thus you don’t need to pay or play it. Problem

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