Wildstar DevSpeak – Raids (Wildstar PvE Raiding Gameplay)

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The Wildstar raiding DevSpeak is finally here. This is their best DevSpeak video yet! Can’t wait to raid on the live version of Wildstar.

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ZybakTV, Ultimate Wildstar Source + Random Games says:

#Wildstar Raids DevSpeak. Just remember that you have to do all of these
things while dps/healing/tanking Wildstar DevSpeak – Raids (Wildstar PvE
Raiding Gameplay)

ZybakTV, Ultimate Wildstar Source + Random Games says:

#Wildstar Raiding DevSpeak! The best DevSpeak so far! Wildstar DevSpeak –
Raids (Wildstar PvE Raiding Gameplay)

Roly Vento says:


Fizzle387 says:

Who’s the narrator of these Dev Speak vids, he’s a beast lol

MrTechFox says:

Same problem that exists in WoW loot system. I am mainly a PvP player, and
while I enjoy doing PvE content on the side, there is just no reason for me
to worry about raid gear as it doesn’t help me in pvp. PvP gear is superior
for PvP, which means any gear I get while doing PvE is not rewarding to me.

The separation of PvP and PvE gear was a bad idea. They should have made
all gear work equally well in all environments and you just get it from
whatever facet you find fun. Then I could where 5 peices of PvP and 3
peices of PvE raid gear because thats just what I happened to loot while
playing. Instead those 3 peices of raid gear are worthless to me. Which
makes the incentives for raiding far less attractive.

Jonathan Chua says:

If we can get an option to toggle between metal and normal game music, that
would be great :-D

naeviaus says:

I do really like the telegraphs. They kind of diminish the animations, but
having a clearly cut battlefield makes it totally worth it! Enemy
animations are basically just for looks anyway.

Giant bosses though, they seem kind of wasted since most of the time you’ll
be looking at the floor and screens don’t tend to be big enough to see the
model in its entirity…

niv skillsurf says:

ooh my god the raids look like complete mayhem!! and from what i heard in
the devs unleashed, they won’t consider nerfing them when people are
complaining about difficulty, i’m very sure they’ll keep their word with
damn i’m excited


what class should i play

Christopher Moye says:

What kind of rig is running the game like this? I am realizing I’m going to
need to upgrade because I still can’t get over 15 fps on low and, to be
honest, the game looks terrible on low. 

antiinline says:

although it wasn’t much a devSPEAK. liked the video though :D

LauritsR says:

My computer can’t play this game properly.. I have around 30 FPS even with
Ultra Low settings…

llindvior says:

If I can get a guarantee they won’t nerf raids in the middle of a expansion
like WoW, I’ll buy it.

Ezz ~ says:

Confirmed for World of Warcraft mixed with Borderlands…

Rias Gremory says:

Being mostly a WoW player (with previous experience raiding in Warhammer
online Age of Reckoning) this looks much more interesting and challenging
than Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar. I’m dling the beta as i watch this video :D

Shaun DYST says:

3:12 Frost is a stoner I knew it!

PressX says:

Dayuuuum Son
Thalys sum heavy shirt

atheistfromnorway says:

looking forward to this! :D

FinSuperior says:

I’ve been into pvp on wow since BC, this is the only mmo that has me
excited for pve content.!

Sheppe Pharis says:


Roly Vento says:

E P I C !!!

Aztian Oldscool says:

The game is boring 

Bryan Afshar says:

you won me over already

Roly Vento says:


DeeDub02 says:

Eeerm…massive rage quit incoming.

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