WildStar – Esper – Overview/Gameplay #1

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Kid-Lee takes a look at the Esper class in the new MMO WildStar. This video features a look at combat and general gameplay.

WildStar – Esper – Overview/Gameplay #2

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Kid Lee says:

WildStar – Esper – Overview/Gameplay #2

Kid Lee says:

I did mis-speak. You have 8 base abilities for your limited action set not

staryoshi says:

Should be “unlike WoW and WoW-clones, Wildstar uses a limited action set.”
Guild Wars and other great MMOs use the limited set, too 😛 Nice video,

darkfallzz says:

Just a little tip , when the monster’s health bar turns purple they take
more damage, Most of the times their healthbar turns purple afther you stun
them, so If you would stun before you use your bird You’ll do more damage.
Thought I should mention it since you use bird first :)

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